Small children sandals 40c patent pink

Produs indisponibil

75 lei

Model available in another colors

40c lac roz

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  • A very discreet and pleasant model, which can be combined with various elegant outfits in warm tones. They are suitable to be worn by your little one on special occasions such as celebrations or weddings. The leather with the shiny surface and the design of the sandals offer a special note of refinement. Guaranteed quality, at an affordable price. Colors: black and ivory . Material: patent leather. Shoe code: Toddler sandals 40c black lacquer + ivory.

    16 €
  • Colors: brown and beige. Material: natural leather. Footwear code: 75c capuchin children's sandals combined.

    24 €
  • In terms of footwear, sandals are the favorite of the little ones, because they are flexible and comfortable. Equipped with velvet, it makes it easier for your little girl to wear shoes. The design is completed with the floricica type accessory, which make it attractive and playful. The light and flexible sole will keep your little girl happy and full all day long. Guaranteed quality, at a low price. Color: ivory. Material: natural leather. Footwear code: Children's sandals 55c ivory lake.

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  • A special model created for hot summer days, perfect to be worn on special occasions: celebrations, weddings, anniversaries. Leather with a glossy surface offers a special note of refinement. Successfully complete an elegant outfit consisting of steamy dresses or skirts and blouses with red accents. Accessible price. Color: red. Material: patent leather. Shoe code: Toddler sandals 53c red lacquer.

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