Small children shoes 16c indigo+white

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129 lei

Model available in another colors

16c indigo+alb

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  • Toddler shoes made of natural leather. Colors: red and white. Suitable for your little girl in combination with a sports outfit consisting of pants, blouses or sweatshirts in shades of red. Natural leather ensures a comfortable and healthy walk. The shoes are equipped with velcro, an element that facilitates fast and efficient footwear, saving time and energy. Quality, at an affordable price. Footwear code: Toddler shoes 16c red + white

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  • A discreet casual model, specially designed for the comfort of your child. It can be combined with casual outfits consisting of jeans, shirts, pants, vests in cool tones. They are equipped with velvet straps, for a fast and efficient shoe. Suitable for walks or various special occasions. Choose shoes for small children, at an affordable price. Color: indigo. Material: natural leather. Footwear code: Toddler shoes 50c indigo.

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  • Suitable for your little one, in combination with a sporty outfit in close tones. Thanks to the velcro closure system, the shoe process will be fast and efficient, thus saving time and effort. Natural leather ensures a comfortable and pleasant walk. They can be worn to play or walk in the park. Colors: pink and white. Material: natural leather. Shoe code: Toddler shoes 16c pink + white.

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  • Special shoes for your little one to feel comfortable all day. They are light, durable, and the color is charming. A model that offers good foot support, so that new adventures turn into play. Ideal for school and walks. Color: pink. Material: natural leather. Shoe code: Little children's shoes 76c pink.

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