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The best leather shoes for strong women

It is said that when a woman wears the perfect pair of elegant shoes, she will have all the power to conquer the world. We believe in strong and confident women and offer them the most comfortable and beautiful women's leather shoes. Marelbo supports the Romanian economy, encouraging the public to purchase women's leather shoes made of 100% natural leather. Every product in our range is made in Romania, with great passion and attention, in our factory in the heart of Bucovina.

Types of fashionable elegant women's shoes

If you are looking for a pair of elegant leather shoes, then you should consider the following models from the Marelbo portfolio:

  • ● Stiletto leather shoes
  • ● Classic leather shoes
  • ● Leather shoes with a round toe

Moreover, these elegant women's shoes come in a wide range of colors and in various sizes. You can opt for the following types of elegant women's leather shoes:

  • ● Natural leather shoes with thick heel
  • ● Natural leather shoes with thin heel

Depending on your heel preferences, you can choose women's shoes made of natural leather with heels of different sizes:

● Leather shoes with 3.5 cm heel
● Leather shoes with 4 cm heel
● Leather shoes with 5 cm heel
● Leather shoes with 5.5 cm heel
● Leather shoes with 6 cm heel
● Leather shoes with 6.5 cm heel
● Leather shoes with 7 cm heel
● 7.5 cm heeled leather shoes
● Elegant shoes with 8 cm heel
● Elegant shoes with 8.5 cm heel
● Elegant shoes with 9 cm heel
● Elegant shoes with 9.5 cm heel
● Elegant shoes with 10.5 cm heel

Choosing the right heel is something you need to keep in mind every time you choose genuine leather shoes so that you feel comfortable and have stability.

Why choose natural leather shoes?

Given that we offer models of women's shoes that never go out of style, the purchase of a pair of natural leather shoes will be an investment, at an affordable price, that will last over the years. Moreover, if you work at the office, a pair of natural leather shoes can help you feel comfortable throughout the day. In case of events, we want to offer you lightness, so that you can have fun without any problem, and our pairs of natural leather shoes are perfect for such situations.

Elegant shoes for special moments

This year is the year of events and fun. Therefore, you must look for the perfect outfit and fortunately, we offer you elegant women's leather shoes suitable for any type of occasion. You can also visit us physically, to try your favorite pairs, in one of the 50 stores in all cities in the country. From the heart of Bucovina, we shoe Romania and offer you quality products at manufacturer prices!