Our products are made of high quality natural leather!

  • After each wearing, the shoes are dried and placed on suitable in size and shape shoe trees, or at least, paper should be inserted at the top to avoid the shoes losing its shape.
  • In order to create hygienic wearing conditions and to increase the lifespan of the shoes, we recommend wearing 2-3 pairs of shoes alternately. 
  • When wet, allow to dry naturally, at room temperature, away from direct contact with heat sources. Do not use the fan, radiator, fire, hair dryer, and do not expose the shoes directly to the sun.
  • The front part of the shoe will have to be protected from direct kicks.
  • Footwear with a polyurethane, rubber or P.V.C. sole must be protected from contact with petroleum products and organic solvents (diesel, oil, gasoline)
  • This is not a waterproof product.
  • The soles are not skid resistant, so there is danger of slipping, especially in the wet or cold season.
  • Footwear with leather sole naturally erodes and it is recommended not to be worn in wet weather on surfaces that are not smooth (gravel, sand, etc.) because they accelerate wear. Footwear with leather sole can be protected with a rubber sole that is applied to the front half of the sole.
  • Suede leather or stitched shoes are recommended to be worn in dry conditions. 
  • Only cleaning / maintenance products specially designed for the type of material from which the purchased product is made should be used for cleaning and maintenance of the shoes. When using these maintenance products, read carefully the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Smooth leather or pressed leather shoes are cleaned with a soft cloth or brush.
  • To protect your skin from the action of chemicals, the shoes are painted with plant colors, so the interior paint can migrate. That is why we recommend the use of color fixation products and the use of socks of the same color as the shoe lining.
  • Grease stains or other impurities are removed using a specially designed stain solution for the type of the material the product is made of (smooth leather, suede leather, nubuck leather or textiles).
  • Shoe damage caused by driving a car is not considered a manufacturing defect.
  • Must not be used for sports activities.
  • It is forbidden to wash it with water or in the washing machine.

According to the Law 449 / 12.11.2003, which came into force on the 1.01.2007, the 2-year warranty is valid only in case of hidden defects (manufacturing defects), but not under normal wear conditions.
The marketed products fulfill the quality and warranty conditions in accordance with the ISO 9001/2001 requirements.

Belts care instructions

  • Leather belts can be cleaned with a soft cloth without using detergents, bleaches or any other chemicals.
  • If the article is wet, let it dry at room temperature without direct contact with heat sources.
  • Keep the product away from objects that can cause scratches, burns, perforations, or any physical actions that may damage it.
  • Do not wash the product in the washing machine!

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