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The most comfortable women's casual shoes

Marelbo is a company with tradition, which was born in the heart of Bucovina, where we gathered skilled and passionate people to give you shoes casual quality leather and 100% natural leather. When we talk about lady casual shoes, we are talking about a piece of clothing that is defined by comfort and style. In general, we are talking about women's shoes casual, ie comfortable, light shoes, lack of rigidity in both regarding the material, as well as the sole, but especially, easy to adapt in depending on the personality of each. An active woman will always feel comfortable in a pair of casual leather women's shoes.

Choose quality women's leather casual shoes

A pair of casual shoes give you both a touch of elegance to Be fashionable, but at the same time, ensure your comfort and freedom of movement. Being a versatile piece, natural leather women's casual shoes can be easily matched with either a pair of pants, jeans or even skirts and dresses. It's all about taste and preferences. If you choose shoes Casual leather lady from Marelbo, you must know that they are made of natural leather and easy to maintain, finding them at manufacturer prices. Each pair of women's casual leather shoes has an original model, made in Romania.

Where can you wear casual shoes?

If the workplace has a flexible dress code, then these women's casual shoes with a platform can be perfectly framed in the outfit casual office. Moreover, they have an elegant texture and a durable material, so you can enjoy comfort on everything during the day. You can also opt for casual leather shoe models with laces, that type of shoe that resembles the oxford men's model. They go great every day and are very comfortable, leaving you the foot to breathe.

Women's casual leather shoes will always be on-trend because a woman knows how to combine comfort with elegance and how to feel good in anything outfit, day by day. We are waiting for you in one of the 50 stores in all cities in the country, to discover and try our collection of shoes casual. You will definitely find the right pair of casual shoes for you you. From the heart of Bucovina, we wear Romania!