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Leather children's shoes that can be worn for a whole day

When it comes to choosing children's shoes, comfort and quality should be the main criteria to consider. Children's feet are constantly changing, and shoes that are uncomfortable or do not provide adequate support can change their gait and damage their joints. At Marelbo, you will find children's shoes made of 100% natural leather, which can be worn all day. All pairs of shoes are made in Romania, from excellent materials, more precisely at the factory in the heart of Bukovina. The prices for children's shoes are very good, regardless of whether you choose to order them from the online store or from one of the over 50 Marelbo stores in the whole country.

What types of children's leather shoes can you find at Marelbo?

At Marelbo you will find a varied collection of children's shoes made of natural leather, both for girls and for boys. Thus, you can order the following types of children's shoes for your child:

• elegant shoes, ideal for school or for special occasions
• casual shoes for everyday or school outfits
• sports shoes, for sports activities or excursions.

You will discover various models for each subcategory of shoes so that you can easily integrate them into your child's wardrobe.

Children's leather shoes for all tastes

Children can express their preferences after a certain age, so we encourage you to include them in the choice of ideal footwear. You can go to the Marelbo store in your city to choose children's shoes made of natural leather and thus, you can let the child choose what he likes best. No matter what type of children's leather shoes you choose, we are sure that they will quickly become your and your child's favorites!