The story of our first pair of shoes

The Marelbo brand is based on an exciting story, its beginnings dating back to 1984. Aurel Bobu, the founder of the company, remembers p his rhyme step in a shoe workshop, on which he owes to his father:

" In the '80s, my father asked a friend from the locality (who was a shoemaker) to take me apprentice to him. The first pair of shoes I made to my mother. If I was to be ashamed, at least be in front of my mother. They came out beautiful. With a microporous sole, a white line and a black line ... When he saw that I was able to make his shoes, he was so happy that he made news to all the neighbors and friends.

Then the neighbors in the village saw that they could make quality footwear and the orders started coming. After about a year, the news that I am a good craftsman and make quality footwear has spread throughout the county.

Because I was not coping with the request, I started taking apprentices for the qualification as well, to help me honor all the orders. Until the revolution I managed to form another 50 boots. In 1994 we founded Marelbo ".

Today, Marelbo has become one of the most well-known footwear factories in Romania. The present achievements of the factory are the result of the daily work of more than 700 employees, Marelbo being considered one of the largest employers in the area.

F Marelbo footwear shoe has a production area of approximately 15000 sqm and benefits from state-of-the-art equipment . The 10 production lines provide an annual volume of almost one million shoes, with a daily average of almost 2700 pairs.

Extended network of stores in Romania

Î In the more than 30 years of existence, Marelbo has developed its own integrated concept, starting from the production line to the distribution in its own stores. Since the first store opened in 2000, Marelbo has continued to develop a network of 52 own stores. Today, Marelbo products are present in almost all counties in Romania.

“All Marelbo stores belong to the factory. Everywhere there are real producer prices. We do not trade, we produce. All prices are the same in all stores, except for the shop door, where customers can purchase the shoe with about 10% discount. / span>

Everyone also gives us the reason why Marelbo launched its own online store, where customers can order their products quickly:

“We made the online store because we have the advantage of the network of stores all over the country. If a customer wants to change the product, they can change it at any store in the country. All the available models can be found on our website, even if a particular color has not yet reached a store, on the site you will find. ”

Regardless of the season, at Marelbo you will find complete range of footwear for women, men, children (teenagers and teenagers), benefiting from the same fair prices in both stores in the country and in the online store.

Respect given to each customer

The respect and interest given to customers is first and foremost proven by the nearly 500 new models launched on the market every season. Next, manager Aurel Bobu details us:

"We work with the largest leather and footwear factories in Europe and Romania. We have three designers hired, but we also work with Italian specialists to keep up with fashion. ”

Marelbo products are made only of natural leather, which proves once again their quality. The materials used are carefully controlled so that the shoe looks flawless at the end. The supply of natural leather, yarn, adhesives, soles and accessories is made from suppliers in Romania, Italy, Turkey or Germany.

The ladies enjoy comfort and refinement at every step

Discover in the Marelbo stores the right pair of style, whether it requires a pair of elegant shoes, which emphasize your presence at a service meeting, or you want comfortable shoes for everyday wear or for walks.

It is worth trying also the Marelbo moccasins, irresistible by the comfort they offer you and by the multitude of attractive colors. This way you will discover the varied colors of casual or sports shoes, dedicated to the hours spent outdoors or on holidays.

The whole family enjoys the full

For men who prefer the casual style, or those who are elegant, Marelbo offers a generous palette of options: stylish shoes, sports shoes, moccasins, boots or sandals, which manage to satisfy the most demanding demands. customers.

For children and adolescents who are in constant development, find at Marelbo footwear that offers comfort and protection for play, but also an always modern note in the outfit for school or high school. Here is the vision of Marelbo manager, regarding footwear for the whole family:

“We started producing footwear for children too, because we felt that little ones also need natural leather footwear at normal prices. Marelbo produces footwear for the whole family. We produce from 25 to 48 ".

Together we support the Romanian economy!

The presence in such a competitive market, as the footwear market, forces the management of the Marelbo factory to use the special craftsmanship of the craftsmen from Vicovu de Sus (Suceava county), paying special attention to the international trends in the field. We find out, from the manager of Marelbo, the approach of the factory on the professional development of young people in the area:

“In the area there is tradition in footwear. We have three own designers, but we also collaborate with others from abroad. We also have Italian specialists working for us. At the local high school there are already two classes of students learning this industry. We promote young people who are talented and want to continue in this field ”

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