Natural leather has always had multiple uses. Due to its malleability and durability, natural leather was also used by our distant ancestors to make shoes and clothes. Next, a very big difference in time, we use natural leather for the same purposes. The differences are in the way they are supplied, the processing methods and the diversity of the products.

The most popular and commonly used type of natural leather used today comes from cattle. And we prefer all this skin type. It is affordable, easy to work with, very durable and tender in making different products. The leather that reaches us is already processed (neutralized, dyed, polished and treated according to the final destination), the finishing and production being done by us in the factory.

Genuine leather used in the production of Marelbo shoes

Smooth skin

It is the type of leather most often used in making shoes. The final look is a matte, uniform one that is very easy to maintain with the right products. It resists superficial scratches well, and if they do occur, they are relatively easy to remove.

Reversed skin

Represents the lower part of the skin piece. Its structure is textured, harder to process and requires several layers of overlapping skin for a "full" effect. Because the processing process is complex and the prices of this type of footwear are higher. At the same time, turned skin is not difficult to maintain, but it is more demanding. Do not make a good house with moisture, salt or mud. However, suede gives any type of footwear an extra refinement. It can be worn in day outfits, in any combination. The most sought after suede colors are black and navy blue for men, nude, black and red for women.

Buffo type leather

It is also turned leather, but with a higher degree of sanding. Its texture is finer than in the case of turned velor skin. It is easy to recognize and you have seen this type of leather on many models of boots. It is good to protect this type of skin from moisture, salt and mud. Invest in special cleaning products to enjoy your buffo leather shoes for a long time, otherwise you will have to face stains that are difficult to remove, uneven color, cracking or even peeling. The most sought after colors for buffo skin are navy blue and camel.

Patent leather

It is a type of skin with a shiny appearance. It denotes elegance, so it is suitable for more special occasions. It is easy to clean, but it can be scratched very easily. Scratches are difficult to remove, even impossible without the help of a specialist. The colors that best highlight this type of skin are black and red.

We have been working with this material for over 35 years, we love and respect it. It fills our souls with joy. But it is not a selfish joy. It is a joy that we all share with you.

Visit our website and choose the model that inspires you. And who represents you.

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