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Suede is one of the most beautiful materials for making shoes. But, as beautiful and qualitative as it is, it is as delicate when it comes to wearing and cleaning. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the beauty of turned leather for as long as possible, whether we are referring to men's shoes or women's shoes, follow the tips we present below!

How do you usually clean suede shoes?

As you probably already know, in order to maintain any pair of shoes, it is necessary to clean it after each wear. This way, you will not allow dust and dirt to accumulate and you will not have to insist on cleaning. The suede shoes are no exception: they must be easily cleaned after each wear, even if they do not show obvious traces of dirt. The easiest way is to do this with a soft cloth or a very fine sponge (possibly if it is one specially designed for shoes, so much the better). You don't have to insist, just make sure you wipe the shoes all over the surface and it will be much easier to keep it like new for a long time.

What utensils do you need for a thorough cleaning?

In addition to special skin care products, which you will use from time to time, you also need tools that you will use more often and that will help you quickly remove dust from shoes and restore their specific beauty. turned skin. First of all, you will need a nylon brush, specially designed for this type of operation. You can find such brushes in shoe stores, so you don't have to worry about how you can get hold of them. Be very careful how you use it: you must always brush the skin in the direction of the fibers, in order to preserve the beauty of the shoes. Another recommended type of brush is the one specially designed to remove stains. For example, if you have stained suede shoes with mud splashes, it is good to wait for them to dry and then use a stain brush, which will remove stubborn stains effortlessly and without damaging the fabric.

How to wash suede shoes?

Many people choose the easiest way to wash their shoes: the washing machine. Unfortunately, this habit destroys shoes, so we do not recommend washing any shoes or other types of shoes in the car. The easiest way is to clean the leather shoes by hand. You don't even need special products, just what you have in the house. Thus, you can prepare a solution for wet cleaning of turned skin from vinegar and water in equal parts and a piece of old curtain or a material that mimics the curtain.
⚠️ Attention! You don't have to wet the shoes too much, just wipe them with the respective solution. Then it is enough to let it dry at room temperature, not on the radiator or with a dryer, because you will damage it. We hope our tips help you enjoy your favorite suede shoes as much as possible!

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