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For us, Black Friday is every day


Here we are at the end of the Black Friday campaign. If you are one of those who enjoyed the low prices of this period, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
We are excited and happy at the same time, because we know that you enjoyed our promotion. Yes! We applied discounts to the entire footwear collection for the first time in its 35 years of existence.

We are your ally against the weather. And of the times.

We are glad to be with you at a time when you need support more than ever.
For over 30 years, we have been providing customers in Romania and beyond, footwear made of 100% natural leather, at the lowest prices. Why do we insist on this idea and keep repeating it?
Because it's something that shines in our eyes. The fact that we managed to turn a passion into a "healthy" business. And I succeeded, not because I had a miracle recipe, but because I was correct in everything I did, including the prices.
Our success lies in the fact that we are transparent to our customers. We listen to their needs and take them into account when we are at the work table.
We are the ones you can rely on when looking for the safety of a well-done thing, at a decent price.

We strive to be better and better.

We make shoes for the whole family in the heart of Bucovina, with great pleasure. And when we say "dearly", well, that's right. Because we put our soul into it, and our craftsmen find satisfaction in this occupation. And if things are done with and from the heart, how can we not be proud of them?
For Marelbo, success is translated by constancy, transparency, loyal customers, by their positive response, by the smile received from them. Sounds like a cliché? May be. But it is what motivates us every day. Because we find pleasure in what we do. That is why we relate differently to this whole process. They were? It's good? We do not know. We only know that we are happy doing what we love. In our style.
And if you want to see the work of passionate people, don't waste time. Find the seasonal boots for the whole family, see what you like, add to the cart and be happy that you bought quality Romanian products at the right price.

Make your autumn beautiful! We are here to help you!

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