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Celebrate Romania’s Day with Marelbo


Happy birthday, Romania! Happy birthday, dear Romanians everywhere!

The first of December is a day of great celebration, which brings an important sense of belonging to the Romanian tradition, values ​​and culture. We are proud of the way out because the place we live in has turned us into the passionate people we are today.

On December 1st, let’s all feel and live authentically. Let’s go to our parents' house and eat at that small and crowded table, but which "held tight" everyone around it. Weren't you happy and didn't know? You didn't want more, because in fact, you had everything. Relive those moments, look at the sky and let go of the worries that burden you. Learn from the lives of ordinary people who have not been enchanted by the superficial brilliance.

Learn how to simplify your daily life and how to enrich your soul.

Appreciate the tradition and carry it on. Fight for her recognition wherever you are. It encourages Romanian crafts that are made with the work of people faithful to the country. Identify the true values ​​that are actually in you.

We at Marelbo, for 35 years, have been striving to carry on the tradition. We strive to see the involvement and dedication of our people in the products you buy. It's a good time to evaluate the purchases you make, because, with any purchase, you help or not a part of the tradition.

When it comes to shopping, Marelbo produces genuine leather shoes for the whole family, and the prices are affordable for any pocket. The 35 years behind guarantee that things are done with a sense of responsibility, so as to give the well-deserved trust to Romanian products.

Enter the website or come to our stores and buy shoes at the best prices. From December 1st, choose to proudly wear our products. Choose to feel the joy of devoted craftsmen, who love what they do. Encourage those around you to choose Romanian products and contribute together to the following pages of this craft.

We manufacture with pleasure in Romania. You make it matter!

From December 1st, from here, in the heart of Bukovina, our good thoughts are directed to you.

Happy birthday, beautiful Romanians!


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