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Recommendations in choosing the perfect sandals for this summer

Have you ever bought a product that looked extremely beautiful, as if cut from the magazine, but at the first behavior you wanted to throw it in the trash without regrets? We know the feeling because we lived it too. Even if the model was gorgeous and you thought you wouldn't be able to live without him, it seems that you wouldn't have "lived" too well with him either. Sometimes beauty is deceptive, other are the aspects we have to be guided by.

Well, let's leave these experiences behind and go back to more serious things, like the ones made by Marelbo. Because during this period the sandals are in great demand, our specialists come to you with a series of valuable recommendations for you to choose the right pair to fall in love with. Yes, yes, fall in love!

It is important that when buying a pair of sandals you pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Lightweight - this will guarantee you perfect days without leg pain. Walks on the beach, in the park with friends or even short outings from the office with colleagues, will all bring you pleasure when you enjoy comfort.
  • Made of quality genuine leather - at Marelbo all products are made of quality genuine leather, malleable and durable. The skin also prevents the foot from sliding forward or sideways, because the air circulates and the foot does not sweat.
  • Flexible sole. Have you ever been told that you can't drive in a pair of sandals because of your stiff sole? Or have leg pain even after short distances? Yes, it is unpleasant and uncomfortable at the same time, which is why our sandals are light and flexible for you to experience freedom of movement in any circumstance.
  • Anti-slip sole. Yes, you may think we are putting too much emphasis on this, but it is one of the most important. We don't want you to have unfortunate incidents because you slipped on the wet floor.
  • Locking system. To be with buckle or hedgehog (velvet band)? The ones with buckle offer a touch of elegance, the buckle itself is an accessory of sandals. It can be oval, round, square, smaller or larger, it is a functional decorative accessory that can change the whole. On the other hand, the velvet belt system adds to the area of ​​comfort and speed when wearing shoes, is very welcome for children and is very durable over time.
  • With or without an ankle strap? The strap around the ankle is extremely beautiful and promises sensuality, but it is not suitable for short people or for those with a slightly thicker ankle, because it would visually accentuate this part even more.

Do you shop based on these recommendations? If so, congratulations, if not, it's time to do it for you and your pocket.

Quality at manufacturer prices

Marelbo started from the needs of people who want quality shoes at affordable prices. We believe that we have succeeded and every day we have the confirmation that we are on the right track.

Returning to sandals, because we know you have at least one favorite pair, let's talk a little about their model. Well, here we feel like fish in water, because our stores offer models for all tastes. Whether you like simple sandals or those with more straps, or you are eccentric or on the contrary, conservative, the answer is yes! We have the right pair of sandals for you. Be creative and wear them in various combinations, smile at life and run to catch the sunrise.

We are happy with you!

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