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What do we wear when we don't know what to wear? Simple but effective proposals


The weekend is fast approaching, so hurry up with your plans for the 2 days of relaxation. Summer is in full swing, temperatures are perfect, the list of proposals is flowing, and the conditions are favorable for getaways with family or friends.

sandals for women

If you have decided to give your skin a little color and go to the sea, do not forget the slippers, hat and necessarily our comfortable sandals with low soles. These proposals are ideal for both evening walks and a night of dancing. Marelbo pays the same attention to the whole family, so on our website you can find sandals for the little ones, but also for the life partner. Order with a quick click and put them in your luggage. True joys from small to large.

If you prefer to run away from high temperatures and choose to spend two days in the mountains, sports shoes are the first and safest option. Whether you like hiking, walking in the woods or if the preparation of a delicious picnic on the grass brings you joy, sports shoes are a must. At the same time, it protects you from stings of any kind (insects, plants, etc.). The light sole gives the foot the support it needs, so that at the end of the day you do not complain of foot pain.

Simple proposals for complicated situations

They are also ideal for a fun day involving paintball, archery, zip-lining or tree climbing. Also, if the weather has different plans than yours, the whole family will thank you. In our range of shoes you will find sports shoes that suit your tastes and your plans. The color palette is rich, so don't dwell on it too much.

Or maybe you prefer to visit your parents or grandparents, to take advantage of the wonderful moments with them. If you check this option, the ballerinas or moccasins from the Marelbo range respond perfectly to this choice for the weekend. Comfortable, light and light, they allow you to walk the paths of childhood, offering them to the little ones, for your joy.

If none of the options presented above coincide with what you already have in mind, we move on to "indecent" proposals: sandals with medium heels. You will have a great time on the terrace or even shopping. With extra height and confidence, your smile will be like a magnet. The heel is suitable, very comfortable, so the worries associated with the heel are eliminated from the start. Your main concern will be to take your gorgeous dresses out of the closet and present them to the whole world.

Whatever your choice, Marelbo offers quality assurance at a great price. Support Romanian producers and encourage others to do the same.

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