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5 types of elegant sandals that you will fall in love with


This year he has tested us and continues to do so. In a short period of time, our way of life has changed, we have realized that our plans are taking another turn, and we must be prepared to cope with this change. However, we cannot give up the moments and things that bring us joy. Be they even small.

And among the things that bring us joy, women, are heeled sandals. We like to be beautiful. And we invest in this to make us confident. Trust is an ingredient that must be added generously regardless of the situation.

Furthermore, because we kept talking about the ingredients, we present you the simple recipe to prepare the hottest summer: a steamy dress, tailored tanned leather and a pair of elegant sandals. They are taken, they are "mixed" well, a drop of a smile is added, and at the end, trust them abundantly. It is served in the morning, at noon and in the evening, for 3 months.

And, to make it easy for you to make this "delicious" recipe, I will reveal where to buy quality "ingredients", verified and at reasonable prices.

sandale elegante

Marelbo is the supplier of smiles I'm talking about and has created for you a delicate and colorful collection with which to steal glances during this period. The very good prices, the quality offered and the diversity of the models will make you stop now from the activity you carry out and take a look at the summer collection.

Why do we bring heeled sandals to the forefront today? For nothing does it make the silhouette of a woman more harmonious and sexier. Yes, you have to admit that the posture of a woman wearing heels is charming.

Since I mentioned the rich collection of elegant sandals, I have to tell you that all tastes will be satisfied. Whatever your criteria in choosing a pair of sandals, Marelbo has enough options for you.

If the heel is the first aspect you pay attention to, then you have to choose between the thin or the thick heel, the medium or high heel, the classic or modern one. Whatever attracts you, you will find the pair that will make you stand out and that will allow you freedom of movement all day / evening.

If you are a fan of Peep Toe models, the offer is very generous. Their design is extremely feminine and modern. You can achieve very successful outfits by adding this key model in your wardrobe. Cut-toe sandals are comfortable, perfect for a day or evening outfit. The applications add to the aesthetic chapter and entice you by making your “sweet eyes”, and the strap behind the heel offers stability and support. These thick-heeled sandals (9.5 cm) are very popular, and Marelbo designers have constantly improved them so that they combine elegance with comfort and affordable price with quality. The colors are really "delicious", so do not miss the floral pattern with burgundy heel.

sandale dama model floral

Another model from the Marelbo collection that will not leave you indifferent has an open toe, a covered heel and a thin strap around the ankle. These elegant sandals are ideal for ladies who want stability with a high heel, but also for those who, for various reasons, do not want to expose their heel.

The colors available for this model are bold, from purple lilac, powder pink, coral red, burgundy, indigo, light pink to navy blue, all are undeniable. The fine buckle with which this model is provided is discreet, accentuates a thin ankle and emphasizes it. Contrasting with the high and thick heel (10 cm), it creates an image of big days. You can opt for a similar model, but with a smaller heel (8.5 cm), in pearly shades of pink or silver.

sandale elegante femei

We now move on to a model that has all the characteristics of an elegant pair of sandals that will stay in the footwear collections for a long time to come: the cropped toe and the strap that surrounds the ankle. It just doesn't go out of style, no matter what other models appear. It fits perfectly in combination with dresses or even colored pants in a casual style. The heel is quite high (10.5 cm), but not uncomfortable. Of course, you can opt for models that involve a medium heel, depending on your needs. Am I right when I say you can't get enough of them?

Not to be missed this summer. The model is called a slingback, meaning that model with a strap behind the heel and a slightly elongated stiletto tip. Even if the model is not a novelty in itself, the reinterpretation given by Marelbo is a modern one, in line with current trends and in unexpected color combinations. The high and thin heel (9.5 cm) should not discourage you, because it keeps your foot in a fairly comfortable position, which means that you can freely enjoy all the summer experiences.

sandale dama elegante

The sandals with the toe and heel covered and cut on the side are a suitable model for anniversaries, parties and even for the most demanding evenings when you want to look perfect. It looks sophisticated thanks to the fine straps and you will definitely wear these sandals with the right attitude.

Carefully crafted by our craftsmen and with attention to detail, it is an excellent investment that you will use every time with confidence. The heel is quite high, measuring 10.3 cm, but it is an important element for making elegant outfits.

All Marelbo products are made of natural leather by our craftsmen, at the Marelbo factory in Vicovu de Sus. Yes, from where the map hangs, to whom wonderful things come. Enter the site and choose the right pair of shoes.

I cannot conclude this material without mentioning that Marelbo addresses the whole family. If you put your favorite sandals in the shopping cart, enter the men's footwear section. Your sandals will match perfectly with his elegant shoes. Even prichindeii have their playful collection. Go to and see what it's all about.

Marelbo has been taking care of your well-being for over 30 years. We do not know how the current situation will evolve, but we know for sure that our recipe will help you not to deny your little joys.


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