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Men do not meet for beer to discuss the last pair of shoes bought. Women create a true story based on the latest acquisition. Men don't need 20 pairs of shoes. Women, they have. You never know when the right opportunity will arise. Men don't really relax when shopping. Women are like fish in water.

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Well, even if they are not so vocal and expansive, men also love to look good. I don't spend hours admiring myself in front of the mirror, but I pay attention to details. Impeccable shoes, a perfect outfit, but also a confident attitude are the ingredients of a successful day.

I also know very well the importance of a pair of elegant shoes and I know perfectly well how to choose them. Rely on classic colors (black, brown) for meetings during the day, but also on shades of indigo or cherry for special occasions. Take a look at and surprise him with a pair of elegant shoes. Even if they don't say it out loud, men love to receive gifts and all the attention from the woman next to them.

Men put quality first because they understand the notion of investment very well. They will not be fooled by words, because they want deeds. They are rational and motivated in everything they do, and we appreciate them for that.

men sport shoes

Does it still make sense to talk about sports shoes? Lightweight, comfortable, versatile, durable over time, they represent 1001 advantages in one choice! There is no man who does not love sneakers and would not mind if he received a pair every day. Sport shoes are in the top sales! So, if you don't want to fail, sports shoes are a safe choice. And one more thing, ladies, "frequent attention", the key to great success!

Men love comfort, and for Marelbo, this is a working principle. The shoe models from Marelbo follow a classic, neat line and successfully complete the outfits, whether we refer to the elegant or the smart casual ones.

men casual shoes

Now, we know that behind every successful man is a smart woman, so we sense that part of his choices are due to you, dear lady. If you haven't already, guide your spouse / boyfriend / friend on the Marelbo website. The right prices and the rich range of models will confirm that you can do more with less. If you did, congratulations, you have just shown us that you support the Romanian economy, you support the work of passionate people and we have to thank you in this way.

Choose the manufacturer prices we have been practicing for over 30 years and enjoy the quality guarantee.


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