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Sweet Bucovina, we honor you today!


November 28 is a special day for us. But also for you. This date reminds us every year of the Union of Bukovina with the Country, that is why we invite you to take part in our songs and dances. Even with a thought.

Well, if it's a holiday, good mood must be heard from afar. We put on traditional clothes and send good thoughts to the forerunners who made our path easier. And if our clothes talk about tradition, we have to put on a Romanian shoe. Moreover, shoes made here, in our sweet Bucovina.

ghete dama

Although the period we are going through is not conducive to physical parties, our souls sing in unison. It vibrates with the emotion of this day and trembles with joy. Bucovina Day talks about our identity and deserves recognition. He deserves the best of us humans. And it is worth taking out for this, everything we have more beautiful from the "safe". Well, our safe consists of genuine leather shoes. That's what we know how to do best, and that's what we offer to the whole world.

We have been wearing Romania for 35 years and nothing makes us happier. Choose shoes made in Bucovina and see the skill we put in each pair of shoes. He feels the emotion we describe in these lines and encourages a traditional craft with all that it involves. Encourage our towering people who love their workbench and help them in their great dreams. Which involves you too.

Come on, stop for a moment and take your breath away. Today, on a holiday, you also applaud the work of over 700 people whose only satisfaction is your smile. 700 people who think of you every day. For them, but also for many others, it is worth feeling proud. And joy.

And if we talk about joy, see the surprises prepared by Marelbo for this special day. We keep the same low prices for the entire collection and the whole family.

Dear Bukovina, you have so much to offer! Happy Birthday!

Proud to be Romanian. Proud of everything we do here!

Celebrate in Romanian with Marelbo.


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