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The best winter shoes? Special boots from Marelbo!


How many times have you not thought that it is difficult for you to choose the right winter shoes that match your requirements? First of all, it must be comfortable and warm. Surely you also want to avoid too heavy shoes and choose only models that are easy to wear. Then it should be easy to clean. Unfortunately, salt used as a non-slip material is not exactly "friendly" to footwear, so you need durable materials, such as natural leather. Fortunately, natural leather shoes are resistant to non-slip substances and are very easy to clean. All you have to do is make sure you wipe your shoes well every time you get home.

And of course, we have to take into account the appearance of the shoes. We know that you want to be in trend and have the most beautiful outfits, so you need the right shoes. All these requirements are brilliantly met by the Marelbo boots. Although many people think that boots are not very attractive and that they cannot be integrated into special outfits, we are sure that after you see our proposals, you will change your mind!

You can find the most beautiful ones in Marelbo / span> , for all tastes. You can choose elegant boots, ideal for going to work or for events, casual boots for everyday and why not, even boots that are especially suitable for sports outfits. We have selected some of the representative boots for each category and we invite you to discover them further!

The first pair we recommend is a boot type and it fits perfectly on days when it's just cold, not snow. It's about these gorgeous women's boots 3366 brown tuxon. Since they are longer, they can also be worn with skirts or three-quarter lengths, for example. It has a serrated and high sole, which offers comfort while walking. Given that they are provided with both laces and zippers, they are very easy to wear.

Cowboy-inspired boots have always been special, so we recommend this pair of 3367 bufo cafe women's boots. Thanks to the comfortable heel, they can be worn successfully all day. You can integrate them in elegant outfits or in casual outfits with pants. They are made of natural suede and are very easy to wear due to the side zipper.

The last pair we present to you is suitable for both casual outfits and sports outfits. They can be worn even on a trip to a mountain resort, when you need a non-stick sole to cross the sloping streets. It's about these Women's 3269-1 indigo boots. Wear them with a thick sweater, a vest and a pair of winter pants, padded and you will have the perfect outfit for a day in the mountains.

We hope you enjoyed the recommended boots, and if you want to order them, we look forward to seeing you in the Marelbo online store or in one of the more than 50 stores across the country.


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