Back to office. Autumn brings us together

Summer is over, the children are back at school, so it's your turn to clear the office and start a new stage with enthusiasm and confidence. Write down your priorities, make time for yourself and your little joys, and charge yourself positively for the full periods that will follow.

Marelbo has already made its list of priorities for this fall and comes up with irrefutable proposals for the reunion with office colleagues. Add a pair of elegant cyclamen-toned shoes to your office outfit and ignore the changes outside. Opt for color and things that induce confidence and joy. The medium heel (9 cm) translates into comfort for the whole day. The shoes are made of natural leather, so your feet will thank you at the end of the day for your choice. The pearl color is a strong point of this model, and the classic line is a choice that does not fail regardless of the occasion or time of day.

Pantofi eleganti dama 1234 ciclam sidefPantofi eleganti dama 1234 ciclam sidef

If you are not a fan of heels, then turn your attention to a pair of casual shoes with low soles, a brand new model in our collection. Once again, rely on a bold metallic burgundy color and a design that fits the glove of your program. The laces that start from the toe of the shoe help stability, and the turned leather on which they "rest" is an element that adds to the aesthetic chapter. Also, the stitching is done in a different technique, so that, from wherever you look, you can't find a flaw.

 Pantofi casual dama 6026 bordo sidef combinatPantofi casual dama 6026 bordo sidef combinat

If you have decided to walk with confidence this fall, offer the same treatment to your spouse / boyfriend. A pair of casual suede shoes will definitely be an undeniable offer and only good for busy days at the office. Comfortable shoe, attractive design and great price, all in one pair of shoes. We recommend using a special cleaning solution. The model is available in black and navy blue, and the lace and soft sole make it extremely popular and sought after among men.

Pantofi casual/eleganti barbati 918 indigo velurPantofi casual/eleganti barbati 918 indigo velur

Re-enter the rhythm and focus on choices inspired by you and your family. Buy Romanian products from Marelbo and enjoy advantageous manufacturer prices. We work with the best quality natural leather and, through the skillful hands of our craftsmen, we make shoes for the whole family, in the heart of Bucovina.

Marelbo means over 35 years of continuous craft, it means a family tradition that has become known throughout the country, but also abroad and it also means caring for you.

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