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How to clean suede shoes?

The turned skin manages to look back every time. It adds sophistication accents and distinctive notes to the shoes and accessories. The matte, "voluptuous" and full appearance is another criterion for which the turned skin is so appreciated by people around the world.

But as beautiful as she is, she is "capricious." Leather shoes and accessories require extra attention and meticulous cleaning in order to enjoy them for as long as possible.

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Here are our care recommendations that are good to keep in mind when dealing with the issue of cleaning suede pairs of shoes:

  • Arm yourself with patience. Even if the results are not satisfactory for the first time, you will surely succeed by showing perseverance.
  • Remove the dust with a brush (with soft bristles). Do not press or insist in one place very much. The movements should be wide and gentle.
  • To remove a recent stain, use an eraser. Do not press on the place in question. Try to "wipe" gently so as not to leave other unwanted marks. Stains that have already soaked into the skin are harder to remove, but not impossible.
  • In case of an oily / greasy stain, use a special solution to remove it. Marelbo shampoo spray is a reliable ally when you want to remove stains effortlessly.
  • In case of a salt stain, use a soft cloth soaked in water. Press lightly and successively on the stain until it disappears. Then let the shoes dry naturally. Do not force drying. If the salt trace persists, resume the process.
  • We do not recommend using kitchen ingredients (lemon, baking soda, vinegar, cornstarch, etc.) or bath solutions (soap, laundry detergent, bleach, etc.). Always use products specially designed for this skin type.
  • Our recommendation is to buy a protective spray from the beginning. It works effectively against moisture and various types of stains. Use the spray if possible before wearing shoes.

Another tip that will help you is to clean your shoes after each wear even if they do not have visible traces of dirt. The dust accumulates layer by layer until it becomes difficult to restore the original color.

Storage is also very important. Protect pairs of shoes from direct heat sources (radiator, stove, fireplace, sunlight) because the skin will dry very hard becoming stiff. Moisture is also not recommended.

Keep shoe boxes. Not only will you protect them from dust, but you'll be able to organize them more efficiently and find them easier.

One last tip, wear weather-appropriate footwear. Avoid wearing leather shoes on rainy days or in winter. Instead, opt for waterproof footwear, which ensures comfort and protection.

I don't think we need to tell you that natural leather shoes are not machine washable.

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