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A Message Dedicated To Your Inner Child

Hi, I'm Maria and I'm sharing some of my thoughts with you today, one day after Children's Day.

I would like to urge you to relive the beautiful moments from when you were a child. Ever since you ran barefoot through the grass and didn't need anything. Feel again the pleasant sensation you had when you rested in the shade of the most flattering tree.

Remember the moment when the most interesting toys were often represented by leaves, flowers and grass. Don't you still remember the smell of the woven crowns you wore on your head? Or the game of butterflies that you didn't get tired of watching? A period with fewer things, but with more emotions. A period full and rich in meanings, which still gives you thrills, reminding you of the richness of past things.

You wonder now, what made you so happy, what contributed to that uplifting feeling of complete joy? The answer comes from your soul. Because the moments, although simple, you managed to imprint an emotional charge on them. You had a lasting friendship with nature. Which rewards you with divine scents, perfect tastes and deep feelings. And if you experience them again today, you will gladly discover that they bring you back to that moment of childhood.

And suddenly, nostalgia appears. You realize you were an extremely happy child, but you don't realize when she left. She, childhood. For he has not returned. And he left a void that was filled with worries, burdens, fears, responsibilities. Soon, the low laugh was replaced by a shy smile. To fit the rules of a well-educated adult. Her gaze also dropped from the butterfly dance to the sober earth. Now, a long, hard, oppressive sigh tries for you, because you miss you, your parents, the house where you grew up, the hands of your grandmother who caressed your hair. Everything was simple, but now it can't be compared to anything.

Today, the most beautiful moment is the one that focuses on your child. To feel his joy, to see the twinkle in his eye, to hear his laughter, this is the image that fills your soul. Because he / she is everything. And like her / him you were. Allow yourself to relive wonderful passages from sweet childhood.

From June 1, but also on all other days, you have your child by the hand and run together. Laugh together. Play without fear that someone might judge you. Somewhere, in a corner of your soul, the child in you will rejoice. And he will feel free to laugh again. Zglobiu, as he once did…

Love, Maria

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