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Are you invited to the party? Ideas for sandals to wear all night


It is a real joy to be with your loved ones in important moments in life. Whether we are talking about weddings, baptisms, weddings, engagements, adulthood, proms, or festivities, they are all occasions with great emotional charge, which will remain forever in the soul. These are the moments that fulfill you and give a positive note to life. And for that, it's worth shining.

On such occasions, I ask you to be tall. Both figuratively and figuratively. Choose sandals that will make you stand out and be the soul of the party. How long is it?

You may have already chosen the party outfit, but it is not complete if the shoes are not suitable. According to you, but also according to the event.

Here are some recommendations to help you make the party outfits you are or will be invited to.

• See the location of the event. This aspect is important because depending on it you will know which models to go to. For example, what you can wear at a beach party, you can't wear in an elegant restaurant or at a wedding in the middle of nature.
• The time of the event is also important. A day party imposes a different style, unlike classic evening parties.
• Asks if there is a dress code. It can be something like “white tie”, “casual”, “smart casual”, “cocktail”, where you have to respect the theme.
• Choose shoes with heels adapted to the party. Taking the example above, if the party is on the beach, you can orient yourself towards light, transparent outfits, made of natural materials that look very good together with sandals made of natural leather, with low soles. If you go to an event in nature (forest, near the lake, in the yard, etc.), you can watch the day outfits, with cheerful prints (flowers, stripes, polka dots, etc.) and sandals thick, medium heels. This type of heel will not go into the ground and will give you the stability you need. Also here, sandals with orthopedic soles are very nice. They look great, are comfortable, and will successfully integrate into the party outfit in nature. High-heeled sandals are great for stylish parties. They "get along" perfectly with midi or long dresses and offer a visual show that is hard to match.

Recommendations to help you choose the most suitable sandals

• Try on your sandals and make sure you take the right measure. A larger size will make your foot slip, and a smaller size will threaten the health of your feet.
• Buy sandals that suit your needs. Trends come and go, it is important to feel good about what you choose and to look beautiful on your feet.
• Be sure to choose comfortable models that do not tighten and do not put pressure on problem areas.
• In the case of a thicker leg, choosing models with a strap around the ankle is not advisable. It will visually shorten the legs. Also, the buckles should be as discreet as possible so as not to accentuate the area. Choose, instead, minimalist models, in shades of nude or beige, for an elongation effect.
• Choose sandals made of natural leather, which behave very well over time.
• Be careful of hidden seams that could become annoying at some point.
• Buy sandals in the 2nd- part of the day, when the feet tend to swell. This way, you will be sure that they will not "strangle" your feet after several hours of standing or dancing.
• If you opt for shoes, you should wear the same type of socks you are wearing. you will also wear it to the party.

Go to the section dedicated to natural leather sandals and see what attracts you, then try them on in the store. It benefits from quality at low prices and buys products made in the heart of Bukovina.


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