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At Marelbo, the available sizes are between 25 and 47

From the very beginning, Marelbo wanted to cover as wide a range of sizes as possible, including atypical sizes. Because it understands the different needs of people, the concept is "tailored" for each individual. And for the most playful step in the house, but also for the most determined and pressed.

Marelbo sizes start at number 25 and stop at 47

It is very important to wear the right size. Never buy a smaller size because it can cause various problems, from wounds, blisters, to the appearance of mounts and even deformation of the structure of the toes.

Larger sizes are not recommended to wear, because it will create discomfort while walking. Buy the size in which your foot feels light. That means it doesn't have to be crowded, but it doesn't have to slip or get out of the shoe as you walk.

Our specialists recommend going to the store and trying on the model you like. It should fit you perfectly, both in length and width. After wearing the chosen model, stand up and take a few steps. This is the moment that will tell you if the shoes are comfortable or not. Marelbo is waiting for you to try it in physical stores, over 55 in number, and our advisors will help you find the right model and size. You can also order safely and without emotions from the website. The size guide is a very useful tool that will help you correctly identify the right size.

Here's how to put one together for use with your shoe size

  • Take a sheet of A4 paper.
  • Put the sole on the sheet of paper (remove the sock, even if it is thin).
  • Draw the outline of the sole. Caution - the maximum limit must be drawn, not just the surface that makes contact with the paper.
  • Measure the distance from the paper, the maximum boundary of the heel, and the thumb.
  • Find the size corresponding to the length in the measuring guide.
  • Order the desired product with the right size.
Buy shoes for the whole family from a safe place.
We are waiting for you in our stores for a wide range of models and sizes, at manufacturer prices.

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