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Back to school - Comfortable footwear for the new school year

Emotions are great for you, for him, but also us. Because we are in the middle of school preparations. We live with you the same sweet enthusiasm, but also the fears of the new beginning. Let's be confident though, and keep our backs straight. What's more, it's just getting started.

List of requirements for the beginning of the school year:

         Genuine leather shoes.

Lightweight, comfortable, attractively designed, and breathable will perfectly complement the school uniform, moreover, they will become reliable allies for the wonderful games in the schoolyard. Opt for velvet patterns if the little one still can't tie its laces on its own. You will appreciate the intuitive design, but also the ease with which you will wear it. Such models offer comfort both for you and for him/her, they are very resistant in time and friendly with your pocket.

Lace-up shoes are ideal for older boys, whether they are sports or casual. Casual leather shoes offer freedom of movement and complement the perfect school uniform, while leather sports shoes go well with your favorite jeans.

For girls, we recommend natural leather ballet flats. And the reasons are obvious. The range of colors is generous, the design is playful, and the prices are in line with the house. Ballerinas are comfortable, durable and will highlight delicate dresses or the classic sarafan.

        • Fall clothing. If the school does not impose a mandatory uniform, go for comfortable clothes made of quality materials.

         Backpack. A generous, light, and funny one. But also resistant.

         The full range of notebooks and writing/painting/drawing accessories.

         Special package box.

I hope I haven't missed anything, but we look forward to hearing from you in the comments if we did.

Visit Marelbo stores and see the current trends in footwear for the little ones and the big ones, proposed by our skilled craftsmen. Marelbo produces shoes from number 25 to 47, so it will be easy for you to always find the right pair of shoes. Enjoy the same manufacturer's prices, the rich collection of natural leather models, but also the quality belts. All Marelbo products are made of 100% natural leather in our soul factory in Vicovu de Sus, so the chosen shoes will guarantee your little one a lot of happy behavior on the way to school.

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