Charming Marelbo shoes for Valentine’s Day

We leave winter behind and think of the wonderful spring and all the joys that come with it. Who starts spring? Valentine's Day, which we celebrate with much love on February 14th. We admit that we at Marelbo like to celebrate in Romanian and we feel Dragobetele much closer to our soul, but that does not stop us from enjoying the love expressed and declared from all over the world. It is overwhelming, exciting and charming at the same time to see happy people declaring their feelings.

For these moments, it is worth giving your best. And we don't let ourselves be outdone. We have prepared for you 10 pairs of shoes with which to make your day memorable.

  1. Thick heeled stiletto shoes. They are comfortable, but they also offer the dose of elegance you need for such a day. The color palette is rich, and we advise you to choose vivid colors that exude optimism, joy and courage.
  2. Stiletto shoes with thin heels in strong colors. We don't know if you've already chosen the dress, but you can start with the shoes. Ideas will come later. With even more inspiration. Cyclamen and yellow shoes are pieces of resistance in any wardrobe.
  3. Oxford shoes. If you don't love heels, then Oxford shoes will save you from any situation. They fit in outfits made of pants, as well as skirts or dresses. The offer is generous both in terms of design and color.
  4. Boots with comfortable heel. February is quite cold, so choose a pair of boots to protect you from the cold. The offer is diverse, and the prices allow you small joys.

February 14th is very happy for the couples at the beginning of the road, but also for those who have consolidated over time. Red is the color that dominates this day, symbolizing love and passion. Greeting cards, roses, pralines, jewelry, all bear the imprint of this color and are some of the most beloved Valentine’s Day gifts. Also in this category are the belts, which you can find on the website in a variety of models and colors.

We are waiting for you on the website to order charming shoes and durable belts for the most romantic day of the year. The prices are affordable and the models follow current trends.

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