Cum porti pantofi sport de dama la tinutele de vara aceasta?

Summer is the perfect season for sandals and ballerinas, but if it's about quality shoes, made of natural leather, you can successfully wear women's sports shoes. Next, we present you some pairs of women's sports shoes that you can successfully match with this summer's outfits. Order them online, directly from our website or come to the Marelbo store in your city!

If you like unique outfits, then you can choose a steamy dress, preferably white, which you can wear with this gorgeous pair of Women's sport shoes 6038 mother-of-pearl combined. It will result in an exceptional outfit, which you can wear in many contexts. You can go to work dressed like this, you can go for a walk, an outing in the city, shopping or you can even go on a trip. The shoes are extremely comfortable and will attract all eyes like a magnet, considering the combination of colors and the fact that they have a discreet mother-of-pearl, which will look gorgeous in the summer sunlight.

For the days when you prefer the comfort offered by a pair of short jeans, we recommend you to choose these Women's sport shoes 6019 burgundy mother-of-pearl combined. Because they have a slightly high sole, they will lengthen your leg and you will get an excellent outfit, wearing your favorite short jeans. They are comfortable, look very good and have pearlescent leather inserts, which will look great during the day, in the strong rays of the sun.

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If you love classic sports shoes, you should know that you can integrate them into any type of outfit. For example, if you want the focus to be on shoes, you can choose such a pair of 6035 pink casual / sport shoes combined. To make them stand out, wear them with steamy white dresses or in a complementary color, with white linen pants, up to the ankles, with simple jeans or with flared pants. Whatever you choose, we are sure that it will fit perfectly with this special pair of shoes. You can also integrate them into sports outfits, if you want.

Last but not least, for hot days, we recommend an excellent pair of shoes, both in design and because of the way it is made. It has perforations, which allows the foot to be ventilated and to obtain an increased comfort on hot days. It is about this gorgeous pair of Women's Sport Shoes 6024 silver + white. As you can see from the pictures, it is ideal for sports outfits, for mountain getaways (but not hiking), even at sea, on cooler days or simply for a walk in the park. Also, these shoes can be worn with casual outfits, jeans or pants. Doesn't that look great?

If you liked our proposals, we invite you to our online store to order the sports shoes that suit you. You can also go to one of the over 50 stores across the country. You definitely have one in your city!

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