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De ce incaltamintea contrafacuta reprezinta un pericol pentru copii?

Counterfeit products are very dangerous, whether we are talking about personal hygiene products, make-up, perfumes, cleaning products, clothes, accessories, electronics and even footwear. These products are made of uncontrolled materials and can affect your health both immediately and in the long term. Moreover, you should not buy counterfeit shoes for children, because not only can it affect their health, but it will also deform their gait.

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We know that until a certain age, children grow up extremely fast and you think that you might not want to pay a small fortune for shoes that you will wear for a few months. However, nobody says to buy sports shoes, casual shoes or "branded" boots, which cost almost half of the average salary. Also, you should never put the equal mark between big brand shoes and quality. There are many small companies, local companies, that produce quality shoes, from excellent materials, at excellent prices.

An eloquent example is Marelbo children's footwear. The most expensive baby boots you can order currently costs 170 lei on the site . They are made of natural leather and can be worn successfully for more than one season and can even be offered to siblings or other children. A pair of counterfeit shoes can cost more than that and because it is not of good quality, it can deteriorate after only a few wearings. We must also mention other dangers of counterfeit shoes and you will understand why it is important to never buy them.

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First of all, you don't know anything about the origin of the materials. Counterfeit footwear is not made of natural leather. It is usually manufactured in countries that do not have strict rules regarding the substances used during the manufacturing process. Another aspect to consider is that the footwear is manufactured illegally, which means that the people who made it can use any kind of substance for processing and gluing materials, regardless of the health implications.

Then you need to consider comfort. Since the shoes are not made according to certain rules and strict patterns, the child may complain of pain every time he wears counterfeit shoes or boots. Moreover, he may begin to refuse to wear anything else for fear.

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We must also mention that the materials used in the manufacture of counterfeit footwear are usually kept in unsanitary conditions, so the risk of developing an allergy or a skin disease is quite high.

These are just some of the reasons why you should avoid counterfeit footwear. If you go to the Marelbo website, you will notice that the prices are excellent, and the shoes look very nice. In addition, as I told you, all pairs of shoes are made of natural leather, which guarantees their quality.

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