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Do you know how to choose the right pair of women's sandals? That's why you have to keep in mind!


In most cases, sandals can be the centerpiece of an outfit for the warm season. Whenever you are not inspired, choose simple, plain clothes and match a pair of special sandals, which will take you out of anonymity. Also, sandals are suitable to be worn on different occasions during the evening, in other seasons, along with long dresses. Sandals can be the best friend of your outfit or they can turn any outfit into a real disaster. Not to mention that if you don't choose them perfectly, they might cause you discomfort whenever you wear them. Next, we will present you some aspects that you must take into account when choosing a pair of sandals, regardless of their style.

What kind of colors do you choose?

Since it's summer, you would definitely be tempted to opt for bold colors. It is true that this kind of sandals can be a good choice in different circumstances, but if you want to always have the right pairs at hand, we recommend you to opt for neutral colors. They can be matched with any outfit and you don't have to think twice before wearing them. Usually, summer outfits are colorful, with various prints (especially floral), and so there must be a balance in terms of footwear. We recommend nude sandals, beige, white, gray, black or maybe even pastel colors, which will look exceptional. If you prefer dark outfits even in summer, we recommend you choose black or nude sandals, so that the contrast is not too obvious. Sandals in neutral colors can be worn successfully every day, both at work and in different casual outfits.

Bold sandals should not be missing from your collection. They are suitable for everyday all-white outfits, steamy dresses in neutral or pastel colors and will be the central element of the outfit.

Opt for quality sandals

You may be wondering what quality sandals mean. First of all, these are sandals made of natural leather. In summer, the foot sweats and it is very important that the sandals are made of skin-friendly materials, which allow perspiration to evaporate quickly and which do not cause skin conditions such as foot fungus.

Sandals must withstand frequent cleaning, because in summer there is a lot of dust, rain and last but not least solar radiation. Especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun, you need women's leather sandals natural, which will not degrade so quickly in the presence of UV rays.

Sandals made of natural leather are also very comfortable, because the leather has a certain degree of elasticity that imitation leather or other materials do not have. Especially if we are talking about sandals with many straps, it is important that they are elastic and allow the foot to move freely.

In conclusion, we would like to know what kind of sandals you prefer in general!

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