Do you know how to wear a women's belt so that you have a perfect outfit?

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Tailoring techniques have advanced a lot in recent years, so it is much easier for us to find clothes that fit us perfectly, without having to resort to a tailor. Therefore, some accessories have become just a choice and no longer fulfill their true function, for which they were originally created. Let's take the example of the belt: many ladies choose to wear women's belts for stylistic reasons, not to keep the pants or skirt and prevent them from does not slip. If you also opt for the belt just to complete the outfit or to accentuate the waist, below we will give you some tips on how you can wear this accessory so that you have a perfect outfit.

Why wear a belt as an accessory?

If you don't wear a belt to fasten your skirts or pants, you can choose it to shape your silhouette, more precisely to accentuate your waist. Thus, depending on your conformation (type of silhouette, weight, and height) you can place the belt in a certain place, either above the waist, or just above it or below, so as to create the impression of a very well-defined waist. You don't have to worry if you have prominent hips, for example, because the role of the belt is to distract them.

The role of the belt as an accessory does not stop here. Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt that you needed something extra so that the outfit was complete, but you didn't know what? Most of the time, it's definitely about the lack of a belt. To avoid these situations, we recommend that you have at least two different belts, which you can match with as many outfits as possible. Of course, the straps must be made of 100% natural leather, so that they look perfect and are resistant so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

Sometimes, you can turn the belt into the centerpiece of the outfit, especially if we are referring to a special belt, with a beautiful buckle, with a special design, or an unusual color. For example, for summer, you can opt for a white, oversized shirt dress and a belt in a neon shade, possibly yellow or pink. It will be an outfit to wear when you only need an item to attract attention.

What to avoid when wearing a belt?

There are some stylistic mistakes you can make when choosing a belt, and here are some of them.

First of all, you should avoid creating the "double waist" effect. What does this thing mean? If you wear a skirt or pants with a low waist, do not add a belt, especially if you also wear a blouse on your body, because it will highlight both your natural waist and the one made by the belt.

Balance is the key. Thus, if you wear a skirt or a pair of pants that already have decorative elements, such as oversized buttons or certain applied accessories, do not add a belt.

In the case of dresses with a marked waist, do not use a very tight strap, as the visual effect may not be very pleasant.

In conclusion, we hope you find these tips helpful so that you can wear the straps the way you want!

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