Încălțăminte black friday
Încălțăminte black friday

Do your boots slip on the ice? See what to do

If the sole of your boots is smooth and slippery, you must take urgent action, because you can always choose with a sprain, dislocation or even a fracture following a fall on the ice.

Our recommendations for the cold season:

  • In the cold season, opt for comfortable boots with low soles, but high enough to have large, deep wrinkles.
  • Wear the right size. It is important to wear the right size so that the foot does not sit "crowded" (in too small a number) or "swim" (in too large a number).
  • The boots must cover the ankles. In this way, the risk of sprain or dislocation is significantly reduced.
  • Another piece of advice we offer you is to always buy warm boots made of natural materials. This will protect you from frostbite if you spend too much time outside (waiting for the bus, waiting in line at the bank, etc.)
  • While walking, hands should be free. So, give up the bags for a while and replace them with a roomy backpack, which you can put on your back. Hands are very important in maintaining balance on slippery surfaces.
  • Walk with small steps and with the body bent forward to maintain the best possible balance.
  • Consult a specialist. Following the discussion with him, he will offer you the best solutions. Either the application of an additional rubber sole, specific insoles, or by making wrinkles in the original sole, depending on the type of sole, its height, strength s.a.m.d. Better safe than sorry.

Enter the Marelbo.com website or come to our stores to discover the collection of boots and boots for the whole family, dedicated to the cold season. Comfortable, warm and accessible, Marelbo boots will protect you for the long winter. And in addition to all the advantages offered, you will also benefit from advantageous manufacturer prices.

For over 35 years we have been crafting in the heart of Bucovina with love for you!

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