Everything you need to know about men's belts

The choice of the perfect masculine outfit, regardless of its style, is complemented by accessories. The most used accessories are usually the belt, the tie, the cufflinks, the tie needle, the handkerchief, and the watch. Today, we want to give you some interesting information about men's belts, exactly what you need to pay attention to when that you purchase such an accessory.

If you want to choose a belt and you don't know exactly what criteria you should be guided by, here are some general tips.

First of all, you should know that there are two main categories of belts: formal (elegant) and casual. Formal ones can be worn both for occasional outfits, but also for office outfits or wherever you need a formal outfit, and casual ones are ideal for everyday outfits and even for office outfits.

What other things do you need to pay attention to?

It is the material that always makes the difference. Regardless of the style of the belt, you do not have to compromise. Thus, we recommend that you always choose natural leather belts, which will not only look very good but will also give you a special look.

The size of the belt is also very important: you can't choose a belt without trying it on or without knowing exactly what the circumference of the hips is. Otherwise, you risk buying either a belt that is too short, which will not close (or which will tighten you), or a belt that is too long, which will not look good at all, given that it will be doubled over a longer portion. that would be normal. You should also take into account weight fluctuations, especially if we are talking about quality belts, which you can use without any problems for a few years.

Don't neglect the color of the buckle either. Usually, the most popular color for the buckle is silver, but in some cases, you can opt for a gold buckle. When it comes to casual suits, you have more freedom to choose, but if we are talking about an elegant suit, always opt for a silver buckle.

It is extremely important to match the color of the strap to the outfit. For example, for an all-black outfit, you will always choose a simple, black belt with a silver buckle. Instead, if we refer to a smart-casual suit, you can opt for a brown belt, for example, especially if it is a navy suit. You have to remember that the basic rule is to balance the color of the suit with the shade of the belt. Thus, you must always choose complementary colors, which will please the eye and which will suit you completely.

In some cases, if your outfit is quite monotonous and you want an element that attracts attention, you can opt for a belt in a special color or with a pattern that stands out or maybe even for a belt with a buckle with an attractive design. The choice is yours alone, depending on what you normally like.

In conclusion, we hope these tips help you choose the right belt for you!

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