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5 women's belts and clothing combinations that you can wear

The offer of women's belts is becoming more and more diverse. In addition to their practicality, the straps easily fit the current trends. From bolder colors to inspired textures, sizes and designs that add the refreshment you need to your outfit.

Because they are such an important accessory in every woman's wardrobe, the straps must be of good quality, that is, they must meet certain aspects that guarantee durability and impeccable appearance over time. These aspects refer to the method of making, the type of leather used, the buckle alloy, the strap finish, its seam, but also to the thickness or width of the strap. We don't know how many of these you have paid attention to so far, but we hope that after reading this article, you will see the straps with different eyes. And invest in quality.

Marelbo women's belts are safe choices if you are looking for one to rely on regardless of your clothing combinations. For example, a belt with minimalist details will be perfect for both a casual and an office style. You can wear it with both a pair of jeans and striped pants. Of course, it would be ideal to have belts for every style, but versatility is a quality that is worth enjoying in any context. Regarding the types of clothing combinations you can wear, the limit is the sky, so to speak. That's because most of our outfits need a belt.

And if you are a fan of pants most of the time, then you know very well that a suitable belt is indispensable. This completes the outfit, you will definitely miss it, even if the pants fit you perfectly. On the other hand, dresses also go well with a quality belt. Only this time we refer to the middle belt, thin, which has the role of emphasizing the waist, outlining a feminine and graceful image. You can use this type of belt for both casual and elegant outfits. For example, a wool midi dress will receive a boost of sophistication along with a delicate strap, and a long dress shirt will also be complemented, an ideal combination for leisure. Also, a thin belt with a discreet buckle will perfectly complement a cambered, midi dress, ideal for meetings or meetings.

Here are 5 women's belts you shouldn't miss in your wardrobe:

Casual Strap

As mentioned above, it's great for jeans and leisure pants.

Elegant Strap

That type of strap with a perfect finish, carefully crafted details and a classic buckle.

Leather belt

Its texture adds a chic touch to the outfit, making it easy to maintain and match with the rest of the garments.

Colored Strap

Occasionally add a bold accent to the outfit with a colorful strap. A different approach is welcome to break the monotony.

Waist belt

You can add it to dresses, shirts, oversized sweaters or even coats and jackets.

See the Marelbo women's belt collection and add the models you are looking for to your cart. Durability, design, but also manufacturer prices will delight you from the first contact with them. Discover the variety of products both in physical stores, distributed nationwide and in the online store, dedicated to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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