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A saying gathered from the people, often heard during this period, sounds something like this: "Tighten the belt!". In any case, we advise you to pay attention to the family budget and to make purchases after an examination of the quality-price ratio.

Why buy a genuine leather belt?

  • A natural leather strap retains its texture even after a lot of wear.
  • A quality strap keeps its shape flexible.
  • It does not crack or stretch.
  • The seam does not fall apart.
  • There is no risk of peeling the outer face.
  • It does not fade on textiles and does not get an unpleasant odor.

We help you "tighten your belt" and save money, not quality.

I invite you to discover the Marelbo collection of natural leather belts for women and men and to choose the one that suits you.

You already know that the models for women are more numerous than those designed for men, and here we must explain these two equations:

  • In order of operations, the women's collection translates into color + accessories + diversity.
  • The collection for gentlemen is the result obtained after we gathered the style + elegance.

curea de damacurea de dama

We have a lot of successful variants that we can wear and match

The men's collection includes wide belts with dimensions between 80 cm and 130 cm, women's belts with similar dimensions, narrow belts for accentuating the waist, but also belts for children with dimensions between 55 cm and 80 cm.

The rich range of colors for women involves black, white, red, coral, gray, brown, nude, fuchsia, burgundy, blue, while the collection for men translates into shades of gray, brown, black or blue.

curele din piele naturala pentru barbaticurele din piele naturala

Also, the buckles with which the women's straps are provided combine the elaborate design with the practicability. It stands out for its versatility and a quality that you will enjoy for a long time.

Choose belts that match your casual style or add the perfect accessory for more elegant outfits. Enter the dedicated section and see which of the belts suits you. Manufacturer prices allow you to make inspired choices for you and your family.

Support the Romanian craft!

If you have decided to "tighten your belt", we are waiting for you in our Marelbo stores to buy shoes and belts for the whole family, at the best prices.

We do not know how the situation will evolve, but we know for sure that you will continue to be our priority.

curea eleganta pentru femei


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