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Guide for parents. How to choose the most suitable sandals for children

The warm season requires leather sandals for the whole family. From the smallest to the largest. If in the case of adults, things are relatively simple, in the case of children, things need to be treated more carefully. We invite you to read this shopping guide children's sandals to make sure you consider all the criteria for making the best choices for your child's individual needs.

1. Go shopping with your child. In this way, the little one can take a few steps with the sandals and will tell you if he likes it or not, if he feels comfortable with them or not. Sandals are ideal in summer because they offer freedom of movement and the feet get more air. Pay attention to the straps and see if they provide enough stability and support.

2. Opt for children’s genuine leather sandals. Soft skin will allow your child's energetic movements and will behave very well over time. The main quality of natural leather shoe pairs is durability. Keep in mind that a pair of synthetic sandals do not allow the feet to breathe and can lead to an unpleasant odor.

3. Pay attention to the sole of the sandals. An ideal sole should ensure the absorption of shocks for the child's feet. It is also important that the sandals have a non-slip sole so as to guarantee a firm position on all types of surfaces.

4. Be careful. It has to fit her perfectly. Too much will make his foot slip forward, while too little will make him uncomfortable. The child's leg grows quite quickly, but a larger measure that "to come next year" is not indicated. If you can't go shopping with your baby, measure the length of his leg. Take a sheet of paper and draw the outline of your feet. Be sure to measure both legs, as the left and right legs may have different lengths.

5. Choose leather sandals for your child's favorite colors. Although it may seem trivial, this will be the first stimulus your child will react to.

Children Sandal Care

With a little attention, Marelbo's children's sandal models can look gorgeous all summer long. Wipe off accumulated dirt with a damp cloth. You can also use a renovating spray to help maintain the quality and flexible appearance of the skin or a skincare cream for polishing and refreshing colors.

Children's sandals are made respecting the needs of children's feet, but also their play schedule. Genuine leather combined with a pleasant design creates the perfect pair of sandals that your child will wear with pleasure all summer long.

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