Happy birthday, our sweet Bukovina!

Every year, on November 28, we experience a feeling of great joy. Today we honor our gentle Bukovina for all that it means. For wonderful people, for the unaltered crafts of the weather, for the unique traditions, but also for the towering things we are very proud of. Today, we are more grateful than ever. Because our passion for beauty comes from these lands. From here, we wear the whole of Romania with emotion and joy. How do these things feel? Like caresses on the soul. These are the blessings we have received and continue to offer from the bottom of our hearts.
Our dear Bucovina has taught us many things. He taught us what patience is when we were in too much of a hurry, he taught us what passion is when we believed too little in it, he taught us what gentleness is in relation to everything and everything, he taught us to love the roots and to respect them wherever our footsteps take us in this world. For us, Bucovina is at home. It is the place that has transformed us into the people we are today. Bucovina is part of our soul. And we are very happy to say that. Because these words are for us a real balm on the soul, which is reflected in our eyes and smiles.
Today, our beautiful Bucovina is rejoicing. And for her and for all she has offered over time, we bow. And we don't just do it in terms of words, we do it because that's what we feel with our whole being. Today, Marelbo honors Bucovina with infinite emotion. Because this is where the first pair of shoes took shape. Because here the ideas took shape. Because here, our grace has taken the form you know today. And because that's where our shoes come from in all the stores in the country. What we want to say with this is that each pair of shoes bears the imprint of Bukovina. And the involvement of skilled people and the devotion of our craftsmen, through what they do day after day, lead Marelbo above. And so on. What a delight we live! What a blessing we feel!
Yes, we are blessed! And we feel that every moment. And the warm embrace of our dear Bukovina fills our souls with the deepest emotions. This day determines us to offer everything we have the best. From the heart, but also from generous hands. Because when you give, you receive.
Dear Bucovina, today our thoughts are on you. Receive them. And allow us to continue to grow here. Let's take the traditions further. And let's be proud of the names of Bucovina.

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