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How to clean natural skin? The best tips for caring for this material!


Natural leather is by far the best material for footwear. This is very durable, as evidenced by the pairs of elegant lady shoes or vintage boots, which properly maintained look very good and today, after decades. Natural leather is very good in anything season, even in winter, because it has a fairly high degree of impermeability high and will keep your feet warm. Besides, being natural, it is very skin-friendly and will not cause you any problems dermatological, as in the case of synthetic materials. skin natural will pamper your feet whenever you wear it, so you donțt have reasons not to choose it.

Although it is so durable that you can enjoy the shoes and leather accessories for many years, however, you have to give them certain care so that it is kept in the best conditions. Is not difficult at all, but it takes patience, and in the end, the result is worth anything effort.

What can you use to cleanse your natural skin?

First of all, to clean natural leather items, you need to have at hand special solutions, suitable for every skin type. You can buy either directly from specialty stores (usually stores where natural leather shoes are sold) or you can use products on which you have around the house. At a certain time interval (usually after 5 years, it also depends on the number of behaviors) it is good to turn to a specialist to refresh the appearance of the skin and to help it last as long more time.

If you have shoes made of smooth or shiny leather (not turned up or down) you can clean them of mud or stains using a mild liquid soap, without alcohol, perfume, or essential oils that could dehydrate and destroy the skin. Choose an emollient, possibly for dry skin and you will not have unpleasant surprises. How do you proceed? Mix a few drops of liquid soap with water, wet a soft cloth with this mixture, and clean gently with movements circular. Rinse with a damp cloth until they are gone traces of soap and until the shoes are clean. In the end, wipe with a dried carp.

Do not let the stains harden!

If spots appear (for various reasons) you must act faster and remove them so that the shoes do not have to suffer. For the most stubborn stains, you can make a solution in which dissolve a little baking soda and lightly dab the stained area, and then clean shoes with mild soap. You can also use special brushes, extremely soft, which you can find in specialty stores.

If you have suede or wedge shoes, you need to treat them with the utmost care. You don't have to wet your shoes, you have to clean them with a special brush with solutions that you can buy in stores. It is important to brush these skin types as often as possible to remove the dust and to keep the fibers arranged.

We hope the tips we have given you are helpful to you keep your skin in the best condition!


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