How to dress for a wedding: here are 5 tips that will help you not to fail!

Summer is the official wedding season and you are definitely invited to at least one such event. We hope that you have already started looking for the perfect outfit to not rush and enjoy the whole process of selecting the most beautiful dress. We suggest you not forget about quality shoes: they will help you stand all day and dance freely, without discomfort. In the following, we present you with five tips that will help you not to fail when choosing an outfit for a wedding!

1. Never white or ivory

One of the rules to follow when it comes to outfits is that you can't dress in white, ivory, or any other similar shade. Whether it is a simple dress, which does not look like a wedding, or even if we refer to overalls, out of respect for the bride, avoid these colors. After all, you have a whole palette of shades to choose from.

2. Don't wear all black

You should also avoid all-black outfits. We know that black is an elegant color, often chosen for evening outfits, but in the case of weddings, it is good to avoid it or at least to limit yourself only to black shoes or black accessories, if you really want to. Black has a negative connotation, so you better avoid this color at weddings, especially if you do not want to stand out.

3. Choose quality shoes

Given that wedding parties last many hours, you should choose quality shoes that will allow you to stand as long as possible and dance without feeling discomfort. Our suggestion is to choose elegant women's shoes made of natural leather, with a larger number and a thick heel, not very high. Why bigger shoes? Because during the day, the feet swell, hence most of the pain. If you choose bigger shoes, complete with silicone cushions, you won't have problems dancing all night. You can even opt for sandals, especially for the warm season, because they are much more comfortable.

4. Long or short dress?

As for the length of the dress, it would be best to choose either a midi dress or a long one. It is an elegant event, which requires a tailored outfit and even if the short dresses are elegant, it would be better not to make a discordant note. If you still want to leave your legs visible, opt for an asymmetrical dress front or side or a dress with a deep slit.

5. Match the outfit with the location of the party

The last tip would be to match the outfit with the location of the party. For example, if it will take place in a garden, be sure to choose shoes or sandals with thick heels and a steamy outfit that will fit in such a setting, not an extremely elegant outfit. And the opposite is true: you can confidently choose a special dress in an exclusive location, even with a discreet train.

We hope these tips help you choose the perfect wedding outfits for this season!

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