How to get rid of scratches on the surface of shoes

The scratches on the surface of the shoes are unsightly, lead to an untidy appearance and can compromise the whole outfit. You can choose with a scratch if you are trampled on the foot (on the bus, for example), if your office has metal support for the feet (with sharp edges), if you stumble into various rigid objects and the list goes on. Scratches are quite difficult to remove, especially if we are talking about deep ones, but not impossible.
In the case of surface scratches:
    • Thoroughly clean the shoes with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt.
      You can also use a special brush with soft bristles. In happy cases, the scratch can be remedied with its help.
    • Sand the scratched area with very fine sandpaper. Do not press so as not to enter the deep layers of the skin.
    • You can also try an eraser. It is soft and will not affect the quality of the skin. Apply moderate pressure with gentle movements.
    • Melamine sponge. It is made of foam and is used only with water. Try on a less visible area first to make sure it doesn't cause damage. It's pretty abrasive. From the above, choose a single type of abrasive material and work with it.
    • Moisturize the skin with a special cream and wait until it dries.
    • Polish. While the moisturizer focuses on maintaining the softness and texture of the skin, polishing refers to the appearance of the skin, adding shine to the outer surface.
    • Resume the process if the scratch has faded, but has not completely disappeared.
    • If you fail, turn to a specialist, do not risk ruining your pair of shoes.

In the case of deeper scratches, we recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist from the beginning. It will examine the skin type, the depth and complexity of the scratch and will use the appropriate methods for the skin in question and for the type of shoe.

We do not recommend the use of kitchen products / ingredients as they may cause skin type. Moreover, these methods are not sustainable over time. You will say that it is not a big deal and that a scratch is not worth such an effort, but if you want to be impeccable, there is only room for neat shoes, in perfect condition. These are the details that say more about you than you think.

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