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How to take care of shoes in light colors

Light-colored shoes are loved by both women and men. They fit perfectly in different outfits and attract attention when highlighted. Highly sought after among women are shoes in shades of beige (nude), yellow, white, fuchsia, red or blue. The problem occurs when the white sole (especially in the case of sports shoes) gets dirty or a color transfer takes place. Exactly on your favorite shoes.

How to clean the white sole of sports shoes

    • Wipe shoes after each wear. A soft cloth and a soft bristle brush are enough for the daily routine. In this way, dirt does not soak into the light-colored sole.
    • Purchase a special color retention solution. It will give results every time. Although you will find a lot of cleaning tips everywhere, we only recommend special products that do not endanger the color, texture and quality of the skin.
    • Store shoes in dry places.
    • Natural leather sports shoes are not machine washable, even if it has a dedicated program. The textile sports shoes can be washed in the automatic machine, at the lowest temperature and at the lowest number of rotations, following the instructions given by the manufacturer.
    • Avoid wearing white sports shoes if the weather does not allow it. Keep them for clear days.

What to do in case of a color transfer on the shoes

Here things get a little complicated because these stains are hard to remove. If you wear yellow shoes and someone has stepped on your foot, there may be a rather ugly black mark on the surface of the shoes from the sole of the person who stepped on you. In such cases, erasure can be helpful. So is the melamine sponge. But used with caution. Of course, they do not promise 100% satisfactory results, but they can blur the stain. Then use a cream with pigment suitable for the color of the shoes.

If the shoes are made of leather of different colors and one of them "threatens" to leave its place, gently clean the lighter side without touching the other. Then use a color fastener that will hold the colors in place.

At the risk of recurrence, turn to a specialist with confidence. He knows the needs of your shoes and treats them accordingly. Don't risk throwing money out the window. Make the best decisions for you, for your family, for the environment, for the future. It's worth it, isn't it?

See the care products from Marelbo. They are affordable and promise results from the first use.

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