It's another year. What did we do in 2021?


2021 has been a challenging year

Some of them we expected, others took us by surprise, being totally unprepared. But each time, I looked ahead. Because we are not alone. We have a whole team pulling in the right direction, a lot of people believing in us, and a divine hand touching our shoulders all the time. We have adapted to the changes that have taken place in our lives, and we are full of faith that things are right before us.

We continued our work with the same passion and in the same rhythm. We believe in what we do, we love what we do, and we don't let anything discourage us. We are motivated by our holistic traditions and the joy of our customers. Nothing makes us happier and more fulfilled.

We have made new products with the future in mind. We constantly analyze the needs and preferences of our customers so that we come up with new products, in trends, very chic and at advantageous prices throughout the year.

We opened a new store in Bucharest. Because we want to be as close to people as possible. That only for them do we wake up every morning. And for them, we also try to give our best.

We have created new jobs. We are happy to work with beautiful people at heart, who share the same values ​​as ours. The team is the one that shapes our ideas. And thanks to the team, we have the courage to dream. More. And above.

It's another year. We are reconciled that we did everything we knew best. All the best I could. We didn't do great strategies, but we tried to keep all our employees close, listen to their needs and keep our prices low for our customers. We don't look back. We look to the future with confidence that day by day we become wiser, more efficient, and closer to people.

What do we want from next year?

Tranquility. Because when the interior is quiet and in harmony, this is also reflected in the exterior. Peace. In hearts and in the world. Love. Because it has the power to make the world evolve. We want the simple things that make great things possible.

In conclusion, thank you for being with us this year as well. Through your choices, you have shown us that you value our products made in the heart of Bukovina and that you are proud to be Romanian.

Happy birthday, dear people!

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