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Lace binding techniques: which are the simplest and fastest?

Tying the laces is for each of us an automatism that we learn in the first years of life. The moment we do this action, we no longer think about it, but simply rely on the memory of the muscles, and in a few seconds, we tied the laces.

So simple and fast!

However, you should know that there are many ways you can tie your laces so that you totally transform your outfit and you will usually allow yourself more freedom with sports shoes. These laces can be changed very easily and can be tied in many ways. You don't have to limit yourself to the classic way of tying laces, but you have to make your mark on your shoes.

It's so simple you don't have to be afraid to try. Next, we will show you some of the ways in which your shoes will look much better with the help of laces tied in a creative way.

1. Cross technique

It is the simplest method of tying laces and is suitable for almost any pair of shoes, both elegant and sporty or casual. How can you get this technique? You need to insert the lace under mesh 1 and 2 near the toe of the shoe, and from eye number 2, you will have to lead the lace to eye number 3, located on the same side, from the inside to the outside. Thus, the end of the lace of 2 will be above the other lace and an X will be formed. Continue like this until you finish tying the shoes.

2. Alternating cross technique

It looks a bit like the classic crossover technique, but it looks much better. Thus, insert the lace on the outside of meshes 1 and 2 (near the top), and then pass the end near mesh 2 to mesh number 3 on the inside. The next time you do this, it will be on the outside. This method also has an advantage: that it will wear the shoes much less, due to the way the pressure is exerted on them.

3. Cycling technique

As the name suggests, it is a perfect technique for men's sports shoes and comes from cyclists. This technique allows for increased comfort and eliminates the emotions you may have about loosening the laces. To tie your laces in this way, you will need to insert the lace underneath, through mesh 1 and 2 (near the top), and pull the end of eye number 2 to eye number 4 on the outside, and then to eye number 3 inside. The end of the lace from eye number 1 will reach eye number 5 on the outside, and the one from 3 to eye number 7 (also on the outside) after which it will reach eye number 8, on the inside. The end of eye number 5 will reach eye number 6 on the inside.

These were just three methods of tying the laces that you can use to give your shoes look great! We are curious to find out how you usually tie your laces: what methods do you apply?

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