Matching shoes with the dress: what is allowed and what is not

Matching seems like an outdated concept. It just seems, because even today, when fashion seems so "fluid" and you have the impression that certain rules are no longer followed, you should know that the matching is still in trend, only not in the form we knew it. You probably remember that before, the shoes and the bag had to be in harmony and be complementary to the outfit. Today, the matching options are slightly different and we will continue to present them to you!

Color Matching

Probably the first method of matching that came to mind is the one depending on the color of the dress and the color of the shoes. When you are not inspired or if you do not want to fail, you may think that it is very simple to choose the same color for the dress and shoes, which can quickly turn into a small clothing "disaster". This rule is suitable only in certain cases, such as for all white or all black outfits, but for everyday outfits or for semi-formal or casual events, choose complementary colors or similar shades, but in which to see clearly different.

If we are referring to a dress in an intense shade, which attracts all eyes, then it would be good to choose shoes in a neutral color (preferably nude or powder pink where possible). Thus, the attention will remain on the dress, not on the shoes.

Assorted by style

When it comes to style and shoes, things get a little complicated, but you don't have to worry. The simplest is either to choose shoes belonging to the same style (for example casual, elegant, office) or to dare and choose totally different styles, for a trendy outfit (but it is a fine line between success and an outfit that will not look just as good). For example, if you have a very elegant dress, either that follows the body line, or steamy or with ruffles, it would be best to choose elegant women's shoes stiletto or depending on the season, ankle boots with a thin heel. </ p>

Length Matching

Did you know that you can match the shoes depending on the length of the dress? It's nothing complicated, it's really easier than you think. For example, if you wear a short dress, you can lengthen your figure even more and you can highlight your legs if you wear high-heeled shoes. If you are a tall person, you can wear either kittens heels or low-heeled shoes, depending on your preferences. Midi dresses are in great demand lately and are best suited with kittens heeled shoes or heelless shoes. When it comes to long dresses, if they are for a gala, always use high-heeled shoes, preferably sandals. For long casual dresses, choose any type of heelless shoes, even sneakers.

Print Matching

Do you think this assortment is the hardest to achieve? Don't worry, it's simple! You have two simple options: either choose a neutral shade, for example white, beige, nude, powder pink, or opt for one of the colors of the print (preferably the predominant one). Of course, there is also the option in which you can choose the same type of print for shoes (but in different shades).

In conclusion, we hope you found these tips helpful and that you know how to match the dresses from now on!

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