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Refresh your wardrobe with the new women's casual shoes from Marelbo

When you feel comfortable, you are ready to deal with any situation. Because a state of well-being is reflected in exceptional results. Feel comfortable all day with the new lady casual shoes from Marelbo that will help you go slalom among activities and continue to enjoy affordable prices, manufacturer.

New Casual Shoe Designs

Refresh your wardrobe with the new models of casual shoes with which you will make current and very stylish outfits. The modern lines followed, the meticulous design, the bold soles, the combination of different types of leather, the discreet perforations, the decorative elements, and the quality natural leather make up some of the most desired and appreciated models of lady casual shoe. To all this is added the advantageous price meant to protect the family's wallet.

Precise stitches

All Marelbo models benefit from the durability offered by the precise seams. Moreover, in addition to the practical part that I masterfully perform, it also plays an essential role in achieving a pleasing visual appearance. The modern and "fluid" lines that follow the model, only contribute to a visual expression of trends, which pleases the eye. Again and again.

Careful design done

It should be noted that casual shoes come with a meticulous, very current design, which perfectly complements a day outfit only good for office, leisure, school, or various other activities. The style pursued is a dynamic, active one, perfect for the ladies and young ladies who are always on the move.

Bold Moles

We say "bold soles" because the Marelbo models are in line with the new trends that have in the foreground the thick, imposing soles, but also the more and more prominent curls. The result is one that fits the current trends and is at the top of ladies' preferences. The soles are light, comfortable, and are "responsible" for the big picture.

Combined skin types

When you combine several skin types, the result is nothing but delightful. Each type of skin comes with its own unique characteristics and, together, they give rise to defined patterns of charm, passion, and delight. Moreover, the combination of several skin types requires commitment and courage, which the new models from Marelbo have in full.

Discrete Perforations

The performance of shoes has both the role of allowing air to circulate inside and the role of aesthetics. These perforations arranged in different ways emphasize the idea of ​​precision, but also denote discretion. A discretion was worthy of admiration and wear.

Decorative Elements

These accessories that are provided with some of the models from Marelbo have the role of imprinting personality. That is that trait that makes a simple model, an exceptional one. In conclusion, the decorative elements complete the model itself and attract admiring glances. Because we like to be admired, don't we?

Quality Natural Leather

As usual, all models of Marelbo shoes are made of natural leather. This way, your feet will enjoy a healthy environment, and you will appreciate the strength and durability of the models over time. Other benefits worth mentioning are easy maintenance, fast delivery, hassle-free return, and manufacturer prices that have been with you for over 38 years.

Support Romanian craft

Marelbo is based on an old craft, still preserved in the heart of Bukovina, thanks to its passionate and hardworking people. Choose to support this tradition and be part of it. Today, more than ever, local crafts need you. And every choice you make matters more than you think.

Choose Romanian products from Marelbo. Be a role model for others as well.

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