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Take care of your foot health with the new range of products from Marelbo

Marelbo has included in the category dedicated to care, products for foot health, this coming against the background of a real need of the customers, which encounters more and more problems. We present below the 4 products with which you will forget about leg pain:

Silicone gel protection tape. This tape is made of a friendly, comfortable material, but firm enough to provide protection in the area of ​​the thumb mount.


• Barrier role - reduces friction between shoes and mount. The mounts represent deformations of the feet characterized by accentuated deviations at the level of the big toes. These, in addition to their unsightly appearance, can cause great pain and, in very complicated cases, can even affect mobility.
• Absorbs shock from painful mounting area.
• Corrects foot position. Although the mount can only be corrected with the help of a specialist, the protective tape keeps the foot in a correct, healthy position, thus preventing the problem from getting worse.
• Fights the burning and pain sensations due to the mineral oil found in the silicone gel.
• Can be worn with any type of shoe.
• Protective tape made of breathable material that prevents unpleasant odors.
• Easy to use, washable and reusable.

Comfort band for the metatarsal area. This product is very useful for people who spend a lot of time standing and not alone.


• Relieves pain located in the metatarsus ("The skeleton of the middle part of the foot, consisting of five bones almost parallel.")
• Prevents the formation of calluses (hardened and thickened formations that can cause pain).
• Barrier role - reduces the friction between the sole of the shoe and the metatarsus.
• Prevents the sensations of pain and burning due to the mineral oil with which the pillows are provided.
• Can be worn with any type of footwear.
• Protective tape made of breathable material that prevents perspiration and odor.
• Easy to use, washable and reusable.
• Accessible price.
• Model available in 2 sizes, S and M.

Protective gel heel for the heel. What could be more annoying than heels caused by shoes, which are sometimes quite stiff? They are painful, unsightly and appear when you least expect it. Use heels with protective gel and forget about the discomfort caused by blisters and welts on the heels.


• Practical, easy to use and very comfortable.
• You can use them in any type of footwear. Their size is suitable for whatever you choose to wear.
• Barrier role to reduce friction between heel and shoe material.
• Durable, reusable.
• Comforting effect.
• Accessible price.

Anti-slip heel. This insole is especially effective in the case of sandals or high-heeled shoes, when the foot tends to slip forward.


• Colorless insole, almost imperceptible.
• Easy to apply on the front of sandals or shoes, regardless of their shape.
• Comforting effect.
• Prevents pain caused by standing, walking or dancing.
• Prevents the foot from slipping.
• Washable and reusable insole.

Discover the range of foot health products from Marelbo and carry out your daily activities freely, without worries and without pain.

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