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Take your partner out on the terrace, but also your shoes

You've been waiting so long for these sunny days that any outing is worth celebrating. We understand perfectly how you feel and we are very happy with your enthusiasm. You missed the sun caressing your hair while you enjoyed a good coffee. Feel the gentle warmth on your cheek as you listen to your favorite music. To talk in peace with your best friend. What wonderful moments! Simple but wonderful. You've come to the point where you realize that simple, seemingly meaningless things are damn beautiful. Moreover, you find them meaningful. And it's very good. Comforting. Like a deep breath that releases all the tension accumulated in your body and straightens your shoulders.

Well, don't try to hide these emotions. You don't have to be embarrassed by them. We feel the same way. And we're not afraid to say that. Because it's not a weakness. Recognition is never a weakness. It is an act of courage and maturity. I lived the same moments with you. And the same anxieties. We even thought about how to get it over with. But everything makes sense. Now, looking back, we realize that we have added patience to our experience. Which I didn't think we had. At least, not so developed. I added a touch of wisdom. Because we learned to listen more. You got the idea. We practiced those qualities for which we did not have time. Or I didn't want to waste time. Sometimes, when we resist too much, life takes care to do itself justice. And she's not polite at all when she asks for her rights, because she doesn't negotiate.

Because the other side showed us, now we leave the house grateful. And we spend the moments, even the trivial ones, with joy. We love the little things and every cup of coffee we drink in the company of a loved one. And because we talked about coffee, if the terraces opened, take your boyfriend to his favorite place. It's a good reason to wear the most beautiful outfit, the outfit you often sighed for. And long. To wear the most beautiful shoes, the most delicate perfume, and that seductive lipstick, which did not have many opportunities to be brought out into the world. Take our word for it, you won't be sorry it was left in the coffee cup. It's the perfect time for long afternoon conversations and relaxing evening walks where you make plans and dream of new beginnings. All full of enthusiasm.

We are also full of enthusiasm, especially at the thought of the new shoes, we have prepared for the beautiful days to come. We confidently add here some ideas and recommendations that will turn all eyes on the terrace. Or where you choose to take out your boyfriend. Marelbo's new collection of shoes is absolutely delightful. Various colors, bold patterns, and attitude heels. All are made of genuine leather and carefully decorated to make any moment, your moment.

Visit and choose the right shoes for your plans. Pamper yourself with elegant shoes, sporty, or casual shoes and wear them with joy wherever your life takes you. The manufacturer's price will not bother you, on the contrary, it will help you to add to your collection a natural leather strap, which to perfectly complement the day outfits, only good for going out on the terrace

After the shoes, what should you miss? The smile. That smile for which wars would be fought. You are incredible, and your appearances must leave traces. In the soul.

Because Marelbo knows what matters!

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