The beauty of the lace-up shoes from Marelbo

Each pair of shoes from the Marelbo collection comes with quality laces adapted to the model, and the sports shoes have 2 pairs (in the chromatic combination of the shoes), which allows you to change them between them whenever you want. See the sports and casual collections dedicated to children, women, and men and choose to wear shoes made in Romania, at manufacturer prices.

Laces are practical accessories used to tighten shoes and an effective way to ensure proper support. The history of laces is closely linked to the history of footwear, so they have evolved together, currently knowing the highest quality standards.

Even if they seem trivial accessories, their usefulness cannot be disputed. Laces can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, on models of shoes for children, women, and men. In addition to being useful, laces also contribute to the overall image of the shoes. So make sure the laces always look flawless.

The laces can be made of cotton, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, leather, hemp, and even jute, and the aglet, the hard end at the end of them, is made of transparent plastic. Its purpose is to be able to easily insert the laces through the holes (holes or perforations) of the shoes.

How to choose laces according to the model of shoes:

  • For elegant shoes - thin, round, waxed, black or brown laces. See the collection of elegant shoes for men.
  • For casual shoes - round or flat laces, black, navy blue, brown, or gray. See the men's casual shoe collection.
  • For sports shoes - flat, white, black, or other contrasting laces. See the collections of sports shoes for women and men.

How to tie laces according to the pattern of shoes:

  • For elegant shoes - tie the laces in the pattern of horizontal stripes;
  • For casual shoes - strings in a cross or horizontal pattern;
  • For sports shoes - you have the freedom to practice different types of laces. The Internet offers you a lot of options. Choose the one you like.


  • Opt for laces that do not fall apart. Usually, the ones made of nylon and polyester are slippery and have more chances of falling apart, which is annoying.
  • Replace broken laces or those whose ends begin to unravel. Remember that the details make the difference, so some "aged" laces will not look good at all.
  • Make sure that the laces are always clean and tied according to the type of shoe. The laces of sports shoes can be washed, either for a short program in the washing machine or by hand.
  • The parts that remain free must be equal. This will contribute to their sustainability. When one end is longer than the other, you will tend to pull harder on it, which in time will lead to its breaking.
  • Buy spare laces. Pay attention to their size, so that they are neither too short nor too long. The too-short ones will not allow you to tie them in a bow, so fix them, and the too-long ones will hang unsightly next to the shoes. Before you go shopping, measure the existing ones and look for the desired size. Equally, check to be quality and durable.
  • Be sure to tie the laces in a bow that you can easily untie. A knot can give you big headaches, reaching the very point where you will have to cut the laces.
  • Take off the laces when cleaning your shoes. For 3 reasons.Do not tighten the laces too much, but do not leave them too wide. You need to feel lightness and stability at the same time.
    • 1 - this will allow you to clean the skin on which they sit, which usually collects dust and dirt.
    • 2 - do not risk touching them with cream or other solutions used in cleaning and care.
    • 3 - the shoes will dry evenly.
  • Opt for classic colors that fit well in different clothing combinations. For example, strong colors, such as fluorescent ones, are used under certain special conditions and involve a certain outfit.

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