The perfect shoes for a trip to the mountains? Natural leather boots!


March is one of the best months if you want to escape for a day or even a week in the mountains. The weather is milder, and the snow has created exceptional landscapes. It is not necessary to ski or do a mountain route, but it is enough to stay as long as possible in the air and to walk through the chosen resort or its surroundings.

We recommend that you take advantage of the first month of spring and enjoy as many days in the mountains as possible. For this, you will need excellent shoes that will protect your feet and help you walk as much as you want, without pain or feeling cold. The most suitable type of shoes for mountain trips is represented by natural leather sports boots. They are not suitable for mountain trails, but they are excellent for hiking. You can wear them to sports outfits and they will help you feel comfortable even for a whole day.

Natural leather sports boots look great, considering that the skin will not shrink too quickly and will not lose its shine. In addition, it is very easy to clean and will not leave traces of salt or other non-slip materials. It is enough to clean the boots with a damp cloth and then wipe them lightly. Natural leather is a material that retains heat, so you will not feel discomfort and you will not be cold, even if you stay outside for a whole day, admiring spectacular landscapes. In addition, boots made of this type of leather are much more resistant and you will be able to enjoy them for a few years. In the following, we will present you two pairs of men’s boots , ideal for to go to the mountains.

First of all, we are sure you will like this model of 4127 black men's boots combined. As you can see, they are boots with perfect for the mountain, with a thick and serrated sole , which will help you not to slip and not feel the cold. They are very comfortable and you can even wear them on other occasions, not only in the mountains.

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Another ideal pair for a getaway to a mountain resort is this: Men's 4123 black boots combined. These are versatile boots that can be worn with any type of outfit. You can wear them both for a walk and indoors, through a hotel or restaurant. Not only do they look great, but they are also extremely comfortable. They are made of smooth leather and are fur, for extra comfort. You will definitely like the model, considering that they have sewn and reinforced lines.

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We hope you enjoyed our ideal boot recommendations for a hike. If you want to order these models or if you want to see other types of boots, we are waiting for you in Marelbo stores or on our website.

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