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The sole of the foot - anatomy and what kind of shoes to wear depending on its characteristics


How many times have you seen an attractive pair of shoes, bought it and realized that it didn't suit you at all? The sample in the store can often mislead us, especially if we do not know what kind of shoes are comfortable for us. Therefore, before making a decision, stay more in shoes, walk around the store, do not just take a few steps and carefully analyze your gait. And the time to buy shoes is very important: go shopping in the second half of the day, preferably in the evening, especially if your feet swell a lot. If you go in the morning, there are great chances to buy shoes that will tighten you during the day. Instead, if you choose comfortable shoes, try the second part of the day, you will feel perfect and you will not have problems. To understand why it is important to choose only quality shoes and what type of shoes is more suitable depending on the characteristics of the sole, we invite you to read on!

Anatomy of the sole of the foot

The sole is among the most complex structures in the human body. It consists of 33 joints that bring together 26 bones, over a hundred tendons and ligaments, more than 200,000 nerve endings (that's why the sole is so sensitive because it has the highest number of endings) and 250,000 glands sweating (no wonder the sole sweats so fast).

From an anatomical point of view, the sole can be divided into three parts. The first part consists of the toes, the second of the metatarsals (long bones of the sole) and the third of the heel and ankle, these being formed of seven bones, the largest being the calcaneus. In addition to bones, the sole is made up of very strong muscles and tendons.

Photo by Nino Liverani on Unsplash

Why is it important to wear appropriate footwear?

Given that all the weight of the body rests on the soles, it is important to wear appropriate footwear every day. It should not squeeze the foot or create discomfort so that we can step correctly. Over time, incorrect gait will affect the sole joints, then the knees and hip joints, and even the spine can be affected.

Therefore, it is important not to buy shoes just because it is beautiful: it must suit you from all points of view. First of all, take into account the width of the sole when choosing the shoes. If you have a wide sole, sharp shoes will not fit you, for example, because they will press your toes and in time, they will deform. Instead, choose peep toe shoes or shoes with a round or square toe. These types of shoes will give you all the comfort you need. You can also opt for women's sports shoes integrated in smart casual or sporty outfits chic.

If you have a very thin sole, things are completely opposite: it is recommended to choose tighter shoes, but not very tight, to ensure all the support you need. Shoes with a round toe, for example, may make you go tighter because you have too much space inside them.

You also need to be careful about the arching of the sole. If you have an arched sole, you can wear whatever you want, both shoes with orthopedic soles, but also heels of different sizes. Instead, if you have a flat sole, choose shoes that do not force your feet and avoid those with very thin and low soles, such as ballerinas.

We hope all this information is helpful!


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