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This year we offer time from our time. We offer patience and love

Dear reader, I am Maria

I love these Easter Holidays. Somehow, these moments transpose me as a child, and the soul seeks, again and again, the same emotions, the same feelings that I had when I was a child. The smell of richly blossoming snowdrops, hyacinths, tulips, and freshly baked cakes makes me wonder when time has flown and how I can get my soul back there was full. The preparations that our mother and grandparents took care of so fondly come to mind. Perfect cleanliness in absolutely everything, the kindness shown to others, and infinite patience was also present there. Where our grandparents and parents were. Everything was deeper, more meaningful, the smiles were from the heart, and the generosity was immeasurable.

I said that I love these holidays, for all that they mean, but also for the feelings we have around them.

We've changed a lot. Although some things seem to be the same, their essence is completely different. The scent of cakes has not been the same since then, and the clean and fresh smell of the room where hyacinths were placed, I have not found anywhere else. We still find the agitation of the preparations, but in the shops, not in the household full of children, animals, and flowers. It was quiet. A peace that we want to cover with all kinds of packaging. Of course, time no longer gives us time. He is no longer patient. And the rush took its place in everything. We rush into almost everything we do without having time to feel. We ticked, day after day activities, and then we wondered when the week flew and what we did in it. What did I do last week that just ended? Maybe that's the way of life. Or maybe not. In any case, the holidays are an opportunity to rediscover ourselves. To look more closely into our souls. Who are we? And who have I become? How do we honor our roots and what can we do better for this world? Maybe this is the time to take a break. A break just for us. As did our grandmothers sitting on the porch. How much wisdom was in our grandparents! They knew the meaning of life without much preparation. They knew life and honored it. In everything. Do we know how to do that? Or do we just think we know? The questions are difficult. And the answers, even harder.

Let's stop and let those well-hidden emotions surface.

Which we don't want to acknowledge, but which we know are there. This is not a weakness. It's strong. This is the true force. Let's get out of the turmoil of this period and make our parents happy. Let's give them time. That time spent in peace in which our souls are overwhelmed with joy. You know what I'm talking about. About that fulfilling feeling that fills our lives. Which makes us breathe a sigh of relief. And that gives us peace of mind hard to describe in words. Soon, all the preparations we talked about above will take on a different value. High depth. And haste will no longer take its place in our hearts. We will be together and that's it. We owe everything to those with whom.

Let's spend some of our time this year.

We offer patience and love. This year we are preparing the Easter meal with our own hands and reversing the roles. This year will be about giving.

And, in order not to go empty-handed to the parents who are waiting for you with their souls in their mouths, stop at the nearest Marelbo store and surprise them with a pair of natural leather shoes. Although "Why did you give the money, Mom?" it will not belong incoming, the joy on their faces will fill your soul. Renew them for Easter, as they used to do for you, and hug them. Very close. You came home. Are you home. You are in a place where love for you cannot be measured. And you're so rich. You are rich because your parents' arms can hug you. Just as tight. You are in the place where it all began. You are in a place where time takes a break.

This year we wish you, dear people. Quiet. Peace. And we wish the sun in your soul to shine so brightly that it will flow into countless smiles.

Sincerely, Maria

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