Tricks that will help you wear heeled sandals to events without your feet hurting!

It's the season of heeled sandals and you probably can't wait to wear such shoes at as many events as possible. But, as you probably already know, heeled sandals can be quite uncomfortable, for various reasons. To help you, below we will present five tricks that will help you wear sandals without your feet hurting and without getting corns and sores after a few hours of standing and dancing. Remember that you first need quality women's sandals, made of natural leather, which will fit perfectly to your feet!

1. Silicone pillows

Silicone pillows that attach to the soles of sandals should become your best friend for sandals and heeled shoes. They allow you to feel comfortable even after many hours of wearing sandals, due to the texture, and in addition, they will keep your foot fixed and will not allow it to slip no matter how you walk or dance.

2. Cosmetic Vaseline on the legs

If you often wear sandals during the summer, especially during the day, and walk a lot, you have probably noticed that the skin of the soles and heels is much drier and more sensitive. This dryness also contributes to the faster formation of wounds caused by sandals worn for the first time. To prevent the formation of wounds, you need to moisturize your skin very well on your feet and insist on the soles, heels, and toes, applying cosmetic grease. This simple ingredient, which you can find in stores and pharmacies, will soften the skin and help prevent water loss. This way, your feet will no longer be prone to wounds caused by sandals. When you have an event, you can apply a little Vaseline in the places where the wounds are most obvious (usually on the heels and little toes) and so you can get rid of the discomfort.

3. Body cream

If you don't have time to wear sandals around the house before the event you are invited to and still want to feel more comfortable, choose the reserve option: body cream. Put a small amount on the inside of the sandals, more precisely on the inside of the straps and leave it overnight. The next day, you will notice that the sandals are much more comfortable and you can repeat the process until they are perfect to be worn without care.

4. Choose thick heels

We know that high and thin heels are very elegant and fit any event, but even with "training", you will not be able to last more than a few hours in those sandals. The solution? Either you can choose sandals with thicker heels for the whole event, or you can wear sandals with thin heels at the beginning, and then you can change into an elegant pair with thicker heels.

5. Exercise

It's not a stylistic trick, but it will definitely help you a lot if you exercise before the event you attend. It is recommended to do sports daily, at least to walk for 30 minutes, so as to stimulate the standing circulation and to avoid their swelling. You can choose to walk, run, lift the tops, do some light fitness exercises and be sure to stand with your feet up that day so as to prevent edema.

In conclusion, we hope that these tricks will help you to wear sandals without discomfort!

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