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3 ways you can accessorize your outfits with Marelbo belts

If you are weather-sensitive, it is very likely that the weather will affect your mood and even your emotions. And this can be seen in everything you do. From clothing choices and general mood to the performance, you have in what you do. What can you do to get out of this state? First of all, it works for you.

The joy is there, inside you and you need to be aware of it. Then make small joys, but with a big impact. For example, a new belt that will change the whole look of the outfits will work on confidence and attitude. Just as a hot tea on a rainy, cold day can be a real balm for body and soul.

How can you wear different types of women's belts to turn a simple outfit into a sensational one? Here are 3 simple ways you can collect smiles in the winter.

1. Choose a midi dress made of soft and pleasant-to-the-touch material and accessorize it with a natural leather waist belt. You can opt for a belt in the same color or one that contrasts with the dress. Complete the outfit with a pair of women's leather boots with thick heels and you are ready to face the rainy days.
2. The long and warm cardigan will look very chic with a strap that will delicately accentuate your waist area. You can choose a wider strap (if you have a wasp waist) or a bold color, only if it has no other decorative elements. Do not overload the outfit and always pay attention to its balance. Low-heeled boots fit this outfit, making it extremely comfortable and practical.
3. Give a refined note to your favorite coat and add a medium-thick genuine leather strap (if it's not already lace-up). Not only do you refresh your appearance, but you will also feel very feminine.

Women's leather belts in a wide range of colors

The diverse range of colors for women involves red, coral, gray, brown, nude, fuchsia, burgundy, blue, and the buckles with which they are provided combine the elaborate design with the practicability. It stands out for its good taste and quality that you will enjoy for a long time.

Why buy the lady belts from Marelbo?

• Great price all year round.
• Marelbo genuine leather straps are durable and resilient.
• They keep their shape flexible, do not crack, and do not stretch.
• The seams do not fall apart and there is no risk of the layers coming off, this being done in one piece.
• Natural leather straps withstand temperature differences very well and do not change, do not fade on clothes and do not get an unpleasant odor over time.

Choose those belts that fit your style and add them to your cart without too many calculations. The great prices at Marelbo are in line with your family budget.

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